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this movie is so beautiful. one of my favorites
Great performance by Angelina...10/10
Angie's best performance IMHO. 9/10
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This movie without a doubt is angelina jolie's best acting job and her only good rating by the critics on this website. I have seen the movie several times and i would watch it again if i see it on tv. Far as the plot goes it was one of those movies that if you know a addict or used to be one yourself it probally reaches out to you. The reason i say that is because even though you might not have been a model but been a addict with just a regular job you know that you can enjoy the roller coaster of thrills until you get derailed :). Really though it just proves that a life of drugs and your job weather it be in the model bussiness or any job,can't last for any length of time. She was a addict from the beginning to the end and it was really sad that her women lover,that really cared for her so much got screwed over again and again by angelina.I'm not going to ruin it for people if anyone that hasn't seen this movie but if you don't like tear jerkers then don't watch this movie because the end i think even i had a tear :(

Gia is a harrowing picture on drug addiction and... ITS ANGELINA JOLIE, AND SHES NAKED.
Awwww Gia was so sad...I love this movie. I'm about to buy it. Angelina Jolie was perfect in it. It seemed like she was a natural to play this role. Two thumbs up...fresh all the way.:up: :up: :fresh:
the best acting that ive seen in a movie is in here. angelina jolie is just talented and superb. good thing they have her as gia otherwise, the movie would be total disappointment.
Angelina Jolie turns in a great performance as supermodel Gia Carangi. Having read a book and watching the far more superior documentary "The Self-Destruction of Gia" I was a little dissappointed by the screenplay. For one the real Gia was alot more butch. If you are interested only in Jolie the film is a great showcase for her talent, but if you want the real truth seek out the documentary.
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