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Nicolas Cage hasn't made a movie worth remembering since David Lynch's "Wild at Heart". Need I say more?
Hi, My name is SusanI saw "Ghost Rider" 3/31 and I loved every minute of it. Nicholas Cage was at his best in the fantistic movie. The effects were great and action non stop. In fact, after I told my husband how great it was, I'm taking him to see it tomorrow. I can't wait.
I loved this movie there was nothing cheesy about it.
It really wasnt bad but it wasnt soo good either. i thoughtn it can use a little more action and excitment. it had very good acting but the story to it and the special effects i didnt realy like.
This movie was a joke. It was a joke the moment Cage and Eve Mendes are in the same scene and there is no chemistry there at all. Director Mark Johnson must have got his lessons in making these movies by seeing how Richard Lester butchered the Superman Movies with his choice of camp and Richard Pryor in the cast.
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