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Two Hulk movies. A reboot of Spider Man, and even the X-Men.

This character has such potential, but Nick Cage just totally ruined it. If ever a comic book character deserved a reboot/remake, it's Ghost Rider.
Not a bad movie. Wasn't great nor was it bad.

This is a superhero movie gone completely bad. Two thumbs far down,the only reason to even look at this movie is because of the beautiful Eva Mendes.
Below average superhero film with no major faults in casting but it could have been a lot better. The script and charachters are as cliche as it comes and SFX arn't great which is one thing action films need to impress the 12 year old film goers of today
This movie was alright. The storyline wasn't very good. Although I think Nicolas Cage is a good actor, I think he was the wrong person for the part. He didn't make the character seem real. I would like to say the special effects for the Ghost Rider was awesome.
I tried to watch Ghost Rider twice but both times I failed. Reason? Well it was mainly because of the loudness and a very dumb storyline. The action was terrible. The acting and dialogue was totally laughable. I barely got entertained for the first fifteen minutes. This is the worst Superhero movie I have yet seen. I can't believe some people actually like this film.
A super hero movie that under-delivers so much that its almost a pain to watch.
Just stupid. Could have been good if they would have taken a darker "R" rated approach in my opinion. Like Blade.
Films based on Superhero comics can be excellent such as Spider-Man 2, decent such as Fantastic Four and absolutely appalling such as Catwoman, and it's sad to say that Ghost Rider is not very good. The acting is mostly bad, the story is unentertaining and too implausible and the film relies more on decent special effects more than it does doing justice to the MARVEL Comics hero. It's not as bad as Hulk or Howard the Duck, but it's not very far off.
This movie was quite an enjoyable experience with great special effects. Although I don't think a sequal is needed
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