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Gettysburg 1993

In 1863, the Northern and Southern forces fight at Gettysburg in the decisive battle of the American Civil War...

Release Date:
October 8, 1993
271 min
Ronald F. Maxwell ...
John Rothman, Stephen Lang, Alec Holmes, MacIntyre Dixon, Kevin Conway, Ken Burns, Martin Sheen, Jeff Daniels, John Diehl, William Morgan Sheppard, Tom Berenger, Mark Moses, Timothy Scott, Sam Elliott, Maxwell Caulfield, Barry McEvoy, Billy Campbell, Donal Logue, Kevin R. Hershberger, C. Thomas Howell, Leonard Termo, Matt Letscher, Royce D. Applegate, James Patrick Stuart, James Lancaster, Ivan Kane, Richard Jordan, Andrew Prine, Cooper Huckabee, Patrick Gorman, Bo Brinkman, Kieran Mulroney, Tim Ruddy, Warren Burton, Joseph Fuqua, George Lazenby, Alex Harvey, Charles Lester Kinsolving, Ted Kozlosky, Henry Atterbury, Graham Winton, Curtis Bradford, Daniel Chamblin, Patrick Falci, Greg Ginther, George Heffner, Tom Landon, Trent Walker, Rick Leisenring, Steve Leone, Tom Mays, Frank McGurgan, Peter Miller, Arnold Nisley, Ted Rebich, Curtis Utz, C. George Werner, Joe Ayer, Eric Ayer, Brian Mallon, Buck Taylor, Joshua D. Maurer, Richard Anderson, David Carpenter, Dwier Brown, Herb Mitchell, Emile O. Schmidt, Daniel Baumann, Michael Callahan, Scott Allan Campbell, David C. Cole, Mark Z. Danielewski, Brian James Egen, David Fiske, John Fitzpatrick, Vee Gentile, Gary Gilmore, John Hadfield, John Heffron, Conn Horgan, Richard Kiester, Robert Lucas, Reid MacLean, Jonathan Maxwell, Scott Mehaffey, Russel Starlin, Frank Moseley, Brian Resh, Lawrence Sangi, Michael Phillips, Adam Brandy, Sandy Mitchell, John Durant, Olivia Maxwell, Darryl Wharton, Thomas Fife, Robert Lee Hodge, Jay Lance, Brian Pohanka, Alejandro de Quesada, Ken DeSoto Ramoz, Ted Turner, Billy Campbell, Bill Chemerka, Bruce Lindsay, Rami Rivera Frankl, Ken Burns, Rami Rivera Frankl, Peter Miller, Greg van Wey ...
Drama, History, Western, War ...

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Solar rating: 9.4


Imdb rating: 7.7



VERY, VERY GOOD...having studied THE WAR OF NORTHERN AGGRESSION extensively and at length, i can say; this flick is historically accurate - tactically, historically, and spiritually is now believed that Lee was having mild heart attacks at this time, giving him a sense of urgency or finality..ol' pete Longstreet from south carolina and john bell Hood from kentucky (commanding the texas brigade) were right..either of their plans were correct...BUT 'ELL. IF YA CAN'T LAUGH AT WAR, WHAT'S THE POINT IN FIGHTIN'?...when Lee surrendered at appomattox, he retained his saber and the men retained their mounts and weapons. as they formed ranks and marched away, Chamberlain, the union commander who defended little round top, called his division to attention and they saluted the dixie boys; which makes chamberlain my favorite union officer..this movie is made from Michael Shaara's KILLER ANGELS..this movie reveals the spirit of both sides..the dialog is's not just a war movie; like it or not, this is our history...THIS IS US.
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