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i liked it , each to there own !

Overall, I really enjoyed Georgia Rule. The writing is surprisingly better than I expected & the acting was good. The whole cast is pretty good overall, but for me, it is Lohan who shines here. Despite the drama that she has in her own life, Lindsay plays the role of Rachel with perfection. So, if you are ready to check out Lindsay in a more adult role, then I recommend that you check out Georgia Rule. Also, if you are a fan of Garry Marshall, Jane Fonda or Felicity Huffman, you will probably enjoy this one as much as I did. And it is a great movie to take your own mom out to see. PEACE OUT!!! & have a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY weekend!!!

Georgia Rule may be Lindsay Lohan's Gigli according to critics & other reviewers, but I found it to be a pretty damn good movie. Lindsay puts on an excellent performance here. The 2 other leads, Jane Fonda & Felicity Huffman are good as well. But for me, it was Lindsay who lit up the big screen for me. It was just great to see Lindsay in another mature role. First with A Prairie Home Companion, then with Bobby, and now here with Georgia Rule. Excellent job Lindsay. :)
Georgia Rule is a movie you should see with your girlfriends. I believe they intended this to be a movie to watch with your mother and grandmother. However I don't know, lets just say its rated R for a reason and at times I would feel uncomfortable watching it with my mom and shoot my grandmother doesn't know English so that doesn't work. If you don't know what this movie is or who is in it, let me tell you. So, Jane Fonda is the grandmother, Felicity Huffman is the mother, and Lindsay Lohan is the daughter. To put it lightly, all have major issues. Mom and daughter more than grandma. The mother is a smoking alcoholic, and the daughter is a druggie, seductive 17 year old teenage girl. There are more issues than that but I won't give the movie away. The whole movie is how three generations of strong willed and stubborn women help each other work through their problems and remember just how much they love each other.

I went in really not knowing that much about the movie but I would say that it was quite confusing at times, funny at times, and had some uncomfortable scenes at times. All in all I actually would say I liked it. It was well acted, keeps you interested, and had a good ending. It wasn't too long, and the script was well written. My favorite lines were "For a smart girl, you sure are good at stupid." and "I learned from my mother that there are three things in life that are the hardest, Faith, Trust, and Forgiveness." Well said. For a not seeing a movie for almost 2 months, I would say that it was a good one to watch. I would recommend it if you like witty lines and good acting by all three actresses. My favorite would be the grandmother. Jane Fonda was wonderful in this.
Georgia Rule (2007 dir. Garry Marshall): 6/10

Georgia Rule

Some parts felt a bit forced at times and Lindsay Lohan's character was REALLY annoying at the beginning. Overall I still liked it.
I only read one review of this, and it was not very kind. I think it was from EW. What struck me as odd is that the review stated something to the effect that there are many laugh out loud moments in the movie, but there isn't much of a movie in there. And that actually makes sense, but here's my perspective: if a movie makes you laugh out loud a lot and is doing it on purpose, then it's largely DOING ITS JOB. I think what the critic was saying in the typically snobbish critic way is that the movie isn't much of a drama but it works just fine as a comedy. To which I would add: yes, it does try to be both. And yes, it only succeeds at being funny. Although the drama isn't terrible. but it is clearly sacrificed. umm...oh yes: there is an eerie resemblance between lindsay lohan's character in the movie and her public ("par-tay") persona.

Anyway, a solid 7/10 from me, which is roughly a B/B-.
With a film like Georgia Rule I feel like I have to start off by talking about what is not wrong with the movie, because once I get to complaining about the bad stuff I will go too far and undoubtebly give it even less credit than it deserves (which is, admittedly, not very much). The movie stars Lindsay Lohan and Jane Fonda, both of whom are fine. They have their moments--they are not wonderful, but they are fine. In supporting roles, Dermot Mulroney, Cary Elwes, and Felicity Huffman are also fine. Although not the Oscar-nominated performance she had in "Transamerica," Huffman is probably the standout in the sea of mediocrity. Garrett Hedlund is also featured as the male of the picture who is kind of in love with Lindsay Lohan but is also an innocent Mormon boy with an innocent Mormon girlfriend. Even alongside a cast that does not especially shine, he is really terrible.

The movie deserves a hint of credit because it is interesting. Going into the film, it is hard not to expect a bad dramatic chick flick with a storybook romance, and it does something special in that it is nothing like that at all. The plot revolves around Georgia (Jane Fonda), her daughter Lilly (Felicity Huffman), and the granddaughter Rachel (Lindsay Lohan), who all hate one another for one reason or another. Georgia is an ultra-religious old woman and a bit of a narcissist. Lilly is a middle-aged woman with a serious drinking problem brought on by her poor relationship with her mother. Finally, Rachel is a troubled teenage girl who does not like her alcoholic mother or her manipulative Bible-thumping grandmother, and does a lot of faux-rebelling and is not against going down on a friend for kicks.

The primary storyline is sort of interesting in principle, as the arguing family is forced to talk to each other and work things out because a more serious problem comes up with the youngest. It is hard to say more without spoiling the story, but involves Lilly's husband Arnold (Cary Elwes) being a not so nice step-father to little Rachel. It starts off interestingly enough, with Rachel confiding in Simon (Mulroney) and subsequently denying it, then admitting it again, and denying it again, but the story is passed poorly, executed even worse, and ends in a pretty silly way.

There is also a side story of a psuedo romance with Harlan (Hedlund) that goes really nowhere at all, with poor acting by Hedlund compounding with poor dialogue and weak plotting, the entire faux-mance pretty much ruins a picture that otherwise might have been slightly above mediocre.

The film is not a family film, is not well written, and the overall decent acting is not enough to save it from being overall a poor picture.
Georgia Rule
Starring Lindsay Lohan, Jane Fonda, Felicity Huffman, and Dermot Mulroney.
Directed by Gary Marshall (Pretty Woman, The Princess Diaries)
Rated R.

This probably one of Garry Marshall's better films in awhile. His films still keep racking in bad reviews (Raising Helen, The Princess Diaries 2). But this film is not that bad at all ending with a pretty touching ending.

I don't know if I would have liked this story better had I been in different company. I don't think so. Lindsay's acting...well expected seeing as she is Lindsay Lohan.I really did not like her character. Garrett Hedlund's character was disappointing...he was a simple minded Mormon idiot. The script was not well written and awkward. Dermot Mulroney was good though. I liked his performance as well as Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman. But it didn't make up for the rest of the film. Which was ridiculous.
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