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Gallipoli 1981

Two Australian sprinters face the brutal realities of war when they are sent to fight in the Gallipoli campaign in Turkey during World War I...

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@Marbear12345 , Tell me, what does the Armenian genocide have to do with the Battle of Gallipoli, other than that they occurred around the same time? You make no sense. Why would a film like Gallipoli concern itself with events that did not happen at Gallipoli and did not involve Australians?
@bargal20 you obviously don't know much about history do yourself a favor and search the history of the battle of gallipoli and the events that took place, then maybe you will understand....
An Aussie classic, about a dark time in history....8/10
A really good movie I watched when I was little.
@Marbear12345 What do the Greeks or Assyrians or Armenians have to do with this film? It's about Australians at Gallipoli. You obviously haven't watched it.
An inaccurate portrayal. With no mention to the Armenia Genocide or Greeks or Assyrian. Another episode of how the turkish government has pay rolled American media. Whomever disagrees, do yourself a favor and do some research. Knowledge is power....
:fresh: A beautifully tragic film that depicts the extreme experience of Australian soldiers during World War I, culminating in the misguided battle of Gallipoli.
Gallipoli was a well done film, Mel's acting was superb. I thought the ending was pretty poignant as well. Bravo
"Gallipoli" is an accurate portrayal of the pointless tragedy experienced by millions during the first world war. I wasn't moved by it as much as I felt I should have been - perhaps it was I wasn't very attached to the characters. The film is well made, but the ending is anything but satisfying and slightly angering. The comical video game-ish sounding music in the beginning and end made me laugh, and no performance was really of note.
powerful and entertaining to watch
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