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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 2009

An elite military unit comprised of special operatives known as G.I. Joe, operating out of The Pit, takes on an evil organization led by a notorious arms dealer...

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Just got home after seeing G.I. Joe : Rise of the Cobra.

I loved it, I give it 4.5 out of 5.

I went into this movie thinking I was going to be disappointed, and I was anything but. This movie had Great Action, a bit of humor and the cheesy G.I. Joe lines you want to hear. There were some parts that were over the top, but that is to be expected with most heavy CGI movies these days.

The fight scenes between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow were fantastic and I LOVED The fact that there was flash backs showing there history. Snake Eyes has always been my favorite G.I. Joe character, and he did not disappoint. Ray Park was CASTING PERFECTION. There is NO ONE in this world who I think could have done it better. My ONLY complaint is with his costume, did not like the mouth and nose on the mask.

The rest of the cast was good to. Dennis Quaid as General Hawk. Quaid is just a great actor and he was General Hawk. Christopher Eccleston as McCullen/Destro was brilliant. I'm a fan of Eccleston, loved him in Doctor Who, and he plays evil so well. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Heavy Duty, he was so good in the HBO show 'OZ' where he played Simon Adebisi and he played Heavy Duty very well. Rachel Nichols as Shana 'Scarlett' O'Hara, She played Scarlett perfectly. She played the Tough Girl quite well. Arnold Vosloo as Zartan was PERFECTION, the laid back attitude, and the sarcastic whistling was just fantastic. Vosloo plays always plays a great villain. He was the bad guy Habib Marwan in season 4 of '24'. Marlon Wayans as Ripcord , this was the one casting I was most worried about. I thought he was going to be this over the top annoying comic relief. I was pleasantly surprised, he was for a small part the comic relief, but when the fighting action hit, he was top notch. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as {NOT GOING TO SAY as it could be a spoiler} his character was very interesting, but I will not say any more about it. And Sienna Miller as Ana / Baroness, she was brilliant. My only complaint (that I can talk about without spoiling anything) there was no accent. And Sienna Miller in skin tight leather ... can't be bad.

Overall this movie was very well done, the tech of all the weapons, planes and other vehicles were right in line with the cartoon. Again, I was very pleased with this movie and I like how they left it, and there will be a sequel.
Anyone with an IQ of above 30 should not go and see this movie. Absolute garbage...dismal acting, woeful scipt, blatant scene rip offs from Star Wars and Top Gun. So, so bad.
Just came back from a preview. The acting is bad, the script sucks, the plot doesn't make much sense, but a lot of stuff gets blown up. BTW, the American president has a British accent (the actor is British). There's a lot that doesn't make sense but like I said earlier, a lot of stuff gets blown up and that makes up for the bad acting (maybe a little bit).
G.I. Joe isn't bad, it does what a summer blockbuster should do, use it's small, completely underwhelming, and in most scenes, horribly written, story to move us to the next action scene. It isn't intended to take seriously, and if you can accept that, you'll be thoroughly entertained.
Michael Bay vs. McG, Sommers Wins

Earlier in the year directors Michael bay and mcg were up in arms at each other over which one of the two biggest summer franchises would win out transformers revenge of the fallen or terminator salvation. Well after going out tonight and seeing the screening for G.I Joe I can say without a doubt that Stephen Sommers won the battle for the summer's biggest action movie.

Going into the movie I was beyond excited. Aside form the fact that this was my very first movie screening it also marked the return of my second favorite childhood franchise to the mainstream. And what a glorious return it was. Director Stephen Sommers does a very good job of updating the franchise for a new era and generation. Sure there are some quirks, some hiccups that will bother the die hard G.I Joe fans out there, but the average movie goers in is for quite a ride

When the movie started I was very excited but also very nervous as to some of the casting choices, like Marlon Wayans or Dennis Quaid, and feeling even more nervous about how they would handle the reveal of certain big name characters from the franchise. After the first 5 minutes of the film I was still pretty nervous as duke is just a regular us army soldier, but from the first action scene about ten minuets into the movie right though to the last scene I had a smile on my face and was blown away scene after scene. The movie makes great use of the handy cam or handheld home made look for many flashbacks and in many of the action scenes and pulled it off amazingly well. My two biggest concerns going into this movie were how well they would pull off the vehicles and weapons from the 80's franchise and how bad of a love story had to be thrown in because it was a Hollywood action movie. Well we definitely got a love story, in fact there are a few romances going on in the film and it does get a little dumb at times, but there isn't much time for love when the world is at stake and you are a G.I Joe sworn to save it. As for the vehicles and weapons they pulled it off without a hitch, better than I could have hoped for really. The vehicle were so creatively done yet seemed so real and even for the most part looked real I barely noticed the CGI on the vehicles at all. The best scene in this film is definitely the Paris action sequence where the Eiffel tower is taken down by the baroness and storm shadow. I was gasping cheering and had my jaw dropped during the entire scene it was in my opinion one of the summers best filmed action sequences was disappointed with a few things in the film namely the handling of the cobra commander character and his new look. The origin of his character in the film was too complicated and very contradictive to his origins in the original series and movies. The baroness' origin again was fleetingly lackluster and disappointing. The best origin stories in the movie are that of McCullin and snake eyes and storm shadow. The origin or McCullin, also known as destroy, is bang on perfect and is executed perfectly and Eccleston does an incredible job in the role. The origins of both storm shadow and snake eyes were also handled very well and are near exact from the comics and series in the 80's. The actors who played the younger versions of the films ninjas did a very good job of portraying their kinship and fallout.

Overall I think G.I Joe Rise of Cobra is a good movie and does not stomp on much of the original story and origins of the main characters. Sure we have to put up with a love triangle, or was it a square, but that's Hollywood they can't update a movie and not throw in a bit of a love story at the very least. I think this is definitely the best action movie of the summer and everyone should go to the theater and stick it to Michael Bay, McG and yes Megan Fox. Show them how an action movie and how a film update of a franchise should be.
Loved the action scenes and great adaptation of anime to movie. Some parts can be little bit corny but remember this is based on the animation series in the 80s. Loved the sword fighting scenes and even the evil guys are cool in the movie!
This movie had hardly any redeeming qualities. Cheesy dialogue, ridiculously over-the-top set pieces (I know it's the Arctic Circle but you'd think SOMEONE would notice an entire subterranean city being built there) and a flat ending made this movie as awful as I thought it would be when I saw the trailer months ago.

The only good parts were most of the final battle and the Paris chase, but only as action sequences, and Rachel Nichols as Scarlet. Snake Eyes' fights with Stormshadow were fun to watch but the cut-aways to flashbacks of their origin story actually made me laugh out loud they were so terrible.

I was hoping for more from Joseph Gordon-Levitt. His time as "The Doctor" was interesting to watch and he played and looked the part of an evil villain well (sort of a cross between an unmasked Darth Vader and Dr. Satan in "House of 1000 Corpses") but I'm pretty sure he wasn't doing the voice work and he only had one visible eye to act from. More importantly, I question whether Stephen Sommers even bothered to refer to the source material to see what Cobra Commander looks like. When J G-L "rises" to Cobra and dons his new mask, he looks nothing like Cobra Commander and more like he's ready to go spelunking.

I could go on and on nitpicking this movie but it's not worth my time for a movie I had no expectations of in the first place. However, if there's one thing this movie does prove it's that we Americans cannot take an evil villain with a thick Scottish accent seriously. Call it xenophobia or ignorance, it just doesn't work and when you can't take the villain seriously, the movie as a whole has little hope regardless of the strength of the rest of the film . . . of which this movie has none.

P.S. What genius behind the film's ad campaign overlooked updating the G.I. Joe PSA's for a modern audience? Not even one somewhere in the movie or, as a bonus treat, after the credits? That alone would have been worth my $10.
Good plot, a little childish but once again wasnt g.i. joe a kids toy. a lot of the stuff in the movie cant really happen, but this is a fictional war movie.
As A GI Joe fan, I have some mixed feelings about certain things. Overall it was a good action movie enough kick to keep it interesting. YO JOE! and COBRA!
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is one of the silliest movies I've seen in a long time. The computer effects and plot are so implausible, the movie seems more like an acid trip than anything else.

Destro has developed a bomb that desolves metal (and boy, does that sound familiar) and is selling it to both sides. The Baroness and Storm Shadow (he's a ninja who was trained in the art of ninjutsu by the same master that trained Snake Eyes), have been hired to "steal" the bomb, to make it look like an outside job. But have they been hired, or are they under the mind control of Cobra Commander?

Marlon Wayans does his best Wil Smith impersonation, playing the sidekick "Ripcord" to "Duke" (Channing Tatum), as they both don Iron Man suits and chase after the bad guys in a special effects chase through Paris. And if you think the stormtrooper helmets and laser gun battles are a rip-off of Star Wars, wait til you see the big Death Star battle at the end. And yet, even though it blatently rips off Star Wars, it feels an awful lot like "Starship Troopers" (have I mentioned how bad the effects were? They never once looked remotely realistic- almost a throwback to the 90s' early experimentation with CGI), with maybe a little bit of "Team America: World Police thrown in for good measure.

G.I. Joe is the second movie this summer to be based on an 80s toy which was also a Marvel comic (Trans-formers obviously being the other) and has borrowed heavily from the mythos created by the Marvel comics series (don't expect to see 60s G.I. Joe represented here, other than some offhand comments about "kung-fu grip"). Still, you gotta give director Stephen Sommers credit, he knows how to keep the action going, and even if I didn't understand what was going on onscreen half the time, I was entertained in spite of myself.
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