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Frozen 2010

Three skiers stranded on a chairlift are forced to make life-or-death choices which prove more perilous than staying put and freezing to death...

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Imdb rating: 6.2

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what a movie this was! edge of your seat 10/10

you should join my group on fb .. "horror movies based on true stories" then I will welcome you with open arms...
This is Insanely good movie,gives me Goosebumps.The characters & their act feels SO realistic.The dialogues were Pitch perfect,so true to life.This movie makes viewers say No don't,oh no! Intensity is what keeps you at the Edge of your seat.The storyline feels realistic bcs this is One of those(this could really happen)kind of movies and not the over the top unbelievable kind and the Idea is something that anyone who's Ever been on a chair lift will instantly identify with.Well sad but good(kind of) ending.
@moviebuff75 Agree! this one is Terrifying,kept me tuned in all the way.The ending was the Only moment where we can take breathe.
if you feel cold watch this.. 10/10
This. Is the funniest movie I've seen in ages. Ten out of ten. I laughed so much. Much better than Disney's Frozen! 8D
(not to be confused with the 2013 release of same name)I don't know, I kinda wanted them to either die or be rescued a whole lot faster than it took this movie to get around to it, one way or the other. Harsh? maybe.
I think maybe its'the friends i saw this movie with, but i thought it was terrible. there were several things that didn't make any sense at all.
Great film, intense and exciting!
I didn't know this movie was going to be so intense & terrifying. Feel sorry for the actors now.
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