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@GoatAlmighty : Not really a spoiler if you've seen the movie. It's basically the same scene...
Classic vampire movie. My favourite with Carpenter's Vampires and Murnau's Nosferatu.
B movie. With high grade actors who are in for the lolz. It works. That was the movie that made me discover Trejo. Also, Selma Hayek much?
Gotta love this movie. I sure do.
@virgo02 spoiler much?
Rodriguez and Tarantino never fail. Classic flick.
Just found out the made a what i can only guess from reading these last 2 comments & looking at the pic for it on here a true blood/twilight spin off TV show version of this masterpiece which kinda makes me sad as does seeing someone criticize this classic over ugly vampires.. lol there's not much to say here this was a great film of its time and remains a great 8/10
@virgo02 It's a good example of how tastes and perceptions can differ widely from person to person... the vampires in this movie are one of my favorite parts.
Had to watch this again after watching the new series. Still a great classic film
This is a fantastic film, the combination of director Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino is just epic in so many ways.An instant classic.
@paddster16 What about the great director Robert Rodriguez? Tatantino only wrote the script and acted.
:fresh: some funny parts. not the kind of vampires I like though. it seemed like the writer thought "hmm...a scene with a guy on fire shooting at the other guys would be cool." it had some very cheesy parts, but I think they were supposed to be there. it was an entertaining movie though.

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