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Friday Night Lights 2004

Based on H.G. Bissinger's book, which profiled the economically depressed town of Odessa, Texas and their heroic high school football team, The Permian High Panthers...

Release Date:
October 8, 2004
118 min
Peter Berg
Billy Bob Thornton, Derek Luke, Brady Coleman, ...
Drama, Action, Sport ...

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Solar rating: 8.2


Imdb rating: 7.3



I absolutely love the show , but couldn't really get into the movie. I need to give this another shot, because this one certainly did not have an impact.
I was flipping thru the channels & this movie was playing & it looked really good. It was a good part & I got hooked but I missed the beginning so I looked it up & watched it here. Glad I did.
Really good movie. I'm not into football, don't totally understand the rules & don't usually like movies about football. That said, I liked the story, the characters & even got into it, rooting for their team & I understood what was going on during the game. 8/10
Great story and presentation.
Directed by Peter Berg, Friday Night Lights is the best football movie to come out in a long time. Much more realistic than Remember the Titans, it shows how high school football in a small town really is and the effects it has on the residents. I grew up in a small town in Tennessee, and I remember football season was the best time of the year for most of the town's residents. Everyone would come watch the games and many were fanatical about it. Football is life to them. Another reason I loved Friday Night Lights is the gritty style it is presented. Football is alot more hurt than happiness, and this movie shows how hurtful and heartbreaking it can be. Excellent acting, Billy Bob Thorton pulls it off as the coach, and Tim McGraw is suprisingly very good as the alcoholic dad that has some high expectations for his son. With great games featuring some unforgettable scenes and an excellent story with heart, Friday Night Lights is worth much more than a Friday night rental. 8/10
This movie was phenomenal in every way. It had incredible performances under a great director with fantastic story to back it up. It tells the story of a high school football team in Texas through course of their 1988 season. Billy Bob Thorton played the coach of the team and gives one of the best performance I've seen him give. he film was directed by Peter Berg who gave it unique film style. He managed to tell this story in a beautiful way. Tim McGraw gives a great debut performance of an ex-high school football player who has become drunken abusive father of one of the players currently on the team. He was almost unrecognizable in this role and he portrayed it well. He, and the rest of the cast for that matter deserve a lot of credit.

Elia Kazan pretty much directs one of the best American films of all time here. Marlon Brando's performance is so good it's scary while Eva Marie Saint makes a fine debut. Karl Malden is also superb, but the whole film in general and cinematography and themes are rich in references to the society of waterfront workers at that time.

Easily one of the classic greats of all time.
Mister Tomato Head says....

Well acted. Gutty realism. This movie has heart, blood, sweat and tears. Well, alot of sweat. Billy Bob gives a wonderful performance, among others. Worth the watch.

It was all right but nothing special.
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