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Friday After Next 2002

Craig and Day Day have finally moved out of their parents houses and into their own crib. The cousins work nights at a local mall as security guards. When their house is robbed on Christmas...

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Not as good as the other two movies but it's still fun to watch. 7/10
Kat williams is so funny and petite
Friday after Next is not a funny movie. I was told by friends that the first Friday movie was hillarious so I decided to watch this one. The begining was somewhat funny. I thought the movie would get funnier as it went along but boy was I wrong. Friday after next is comrpised of tiresome gags. The storyline is weak, acting is okay and the laughs are very limited. There may be one to three laughs in the film. Those laughs are definetely not worth sitting through the movie.

Rating: 3/10

It's funny and it's pretty good for a 3rd installment. I like all the Friday films. Mike Epps is pretty funny as the new Chris Tucker character, and Ice Cube and Mike Epps are the perfect comic duo.
i love all the "friday" movies
Watched - 2002.
:rotten: The storyline sounded alright, but after hearing a curse after every word, you can't help but walk away. That's all I could do.
Friday after Next. Part 3 of a street,hood,L.A. classic. Next Friday and Friday after next, give Friday a BAD NAME. The acting and all the raunchy comedy and pretty much the story looks like a rejected UPN friday night Christmas Sitcom. I love Ice Cube's music..back through NWA and AMERIKKKAS MOST WANTED...but his Movies have left a lot to desire(with exceptions of: Boyz N da Hood and Friday and 3 kings..kinda). I wouldnt really recommend this movie for the holidays or a weekend....i rather recommend FRIDAY..thats all i gotta say.:down: :down:
If you told me that 'Next Friday' was going to be the final friday movie, I would have been happy, but it turns out that 'Friday After Next' is actually a step up.

It definitely could be better, the script is still very low brow, but if nothing else John Witherspoon's annoying stereotype is a reigned in... The main reason why I enjoyed this one more is because of the 'little pimp' character... he was humorous if nothing else...

Maybe just watch this one and skip Next Friday... :-P
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