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Friday 1995

Two homies, Smokey &Craig, smoke up a dope dealer's weed and try to figure a way to get the $200 they owe the dope dealer by 10:00pm that night. In that time they smoke weed, get jacked, and they get shot at in a drive-by...

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@THELOGIC great choice really really funny!!
A classic stoner of the best.
Bye Felicia!
One of the best comedies ive seen, Hilarious what a combo Tuck & Cube i like all 3 movies but this has to be my favourite out of the series and of all films 9.4/10 * for me Smokey what a Snut.
I love chris tucker! So funny!

Very funny 8/10

This movie is hilarious. Ice Cube does a commendable job here.

Oh boy, I will have a few of these 5 movie-at-a-time things since I saw about 25 movies over my march break. I was so bored I just rented alot of films to occupy me. Okay, anyway, Strawdogs! Oh my, that was a pretty rough film for 1971! I mean it was really violent, really provacative, really well-done. Dustin did a great job of acting and I must say though, with an approx. 5-10 minute long explicit rape scene, and a guys foot being blown off by a shotgun and things, I think it was even trying to be too much. It was great, brutal film, but I sat through it.
Final Destination 2 I saw with a friend. This movie is a guilty pleasure. I'm sorry, you are probably thinking "You sick little f*ck! How could you laugh at such a thing?!" Well, I will tell you. Don't get me wrong, the plot was stronger than usual, I love how it's not a person killing people, and it takes a good mind to think of how to link up all the disasters and stuff. The thing that got me laughing (and it's sort of a good thing, at the same time I probably shouldn't of) is the deaths. WARNING: Don't read on if you don't want anything spoiled.
When at the beginning of the movie and the girl sees the accident and you see the one guy get totally smashed through by a log in mid-air got me and my friend laughing and when the 13 year old kid gets smashed in two by the platform and explodes, that got me laughing, and at the end when the kid goes to the barbaque and you here an explosion and the arm falls on the table? That got me to almost fall off my chair. Why? Because they are so unrealistic. I mean, it was almost like one of the cartoons, but they've just added in the gore. I've seen someone get crushed by platforms in cartoons, just they go flat. I mean, it's so sudden and almost comical, it's funny, but more of a guilty pleasure and laughing from shock at how that death happened.

Friday, I don't have much to say, but it was funny. Chris Tucker was hilarious in it. I can't really describe it, but it just was amusing.

Boyz N the Hood portrayed the tough life of being in the South of L.A and all of the violence there. The opening scene with the message "Increase the Peace" to the end with crying and where all the people got to was brilliant. The performances were great and the way that the director actually got 3 gang members to find out how they speak, how they dress, etc.

Finally, Dazed and Confused... Best soundtrack ever. As in the most fun to listen to, not academy award material, just fun music. The movie itself was fairly funny and I loved the guy who I forget his name, but he is stoned for the entire movie. (The guy with long hair) I also loved Matthew McConaughey's role in it. I thought he was sickeningly (if that is a word) hilarious. I wouldn't buy the movie, but the soundtrack for sure. This is one of the best high-school movies I have seen. Not teen comedies which aren't really supposed to be good, but just funny, but I mean high-school and coming-of-age comedies, Dazed and Confused is a definite thumbs up.
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