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Flowers in the Attic 1987

Children are hidden away in the attic by their conspiring mother and grandmother...

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classic movie i remember reading the book good watch 8/10
No movie ever made me so scared and worried about the safety of the characters as this one did. I was literally on the edge of my seat. This is what is called a horror movie!And I was left thinking: can any mother be so cruel as to kill her own children for the sake of money?
There's a lot of flicks that deal with disfunctional families. By chance all of these do (well, one doesn't quite). Not planned.

Monday, Oct 16th
63. Beetlejuice. (1988) This is another sure thing like Little Shop of Horrors. There's nothing boring here. And loads of scenes you look forward to long before they happen. Everybody in it is likable, even the ones you're not supposed to like. The first 3rd is so interesting when you first see it and has you wondering what'll happen next...and then Keaton just explodes on the screen (somewhere I think his legendary granddad Buster was smiling when this came out). I actually LOVE this film just like Little Shop. I think it's my favorite from Tim Burton, although that's a tough one to decide on. I have several more Burton flicks planned for this month. Hell, Burton IS halloween. Well...along with Carpenter, Universal's Classic monsters played by Karloff, Lugosi, etc, um.....well, maybe I was just getting excited since many "are halloween". You know what I mean! :p 9/10
Oh my, ain't she lovely. Especially so when she's running from a giant alien cucumber. :p
The adaptation wasn't very good, I read V.C. Andrews novel and the film was exagerated but I cannot be so strict because the movie couldn't be excellent when the original story was written for teens and the author didn't want to create good literature.

Whatever. Grandmas are NOT this mean. This movie is just wrong in oh so many ways. The acting is either exaggerated or not good enough; the movie moreso drags than entertains; and the plot is pretty ridiculous too. It goes kinda like this: "Let's bring the kids to their crazy grandma's house to live just so I can earn my dad's respect and get his inheritance. The kids have to endure torture from granny? Oh well. It's better than me having to get a job!" There are a few nice shots of crazy grandma's mansion, but even those get overused. The rest reeks of the 80s and has the made for TV vibe all throughout. Oh - and no thanks to the brother/sister relationship where the boy liked to watch his sister in the bath and give her a good ole rub down. Ewwy.

Requested Review: Zeldakitten (tied for 1st place in the quiz game) - And I KNOW you know this movie is bad. So no feelings hurt. :)

The next requested review coming up will be for the other winner, Sickman. As soon as my library gets the film - any day now.
this movie was ok .best to rent.
(* 1/2): Thumbs Down

Horrendously godawful. The only redeeming thing about this one is the unintentionally hilarious sequences that fill it.
For a Mother to slowly Kill her own Kids for love MAKES ME SICK.. Susan Smith Sindrome.. This Movie Is Haunting On So Many Levels.. It Speaks Volumes About Humanity.. The Mothers mother is even Evil.. :o
I thought this thriller was spooky. Tenant,plays a widow *********** home to get back in her father's graces.She brings her four children in tow, and seems cold to their needs. Louise Fletcher, is the stern grandmother who slowly tries to poison them.Jeb Stuart Adams and Kristy Swanson play the older children. When they get a clue to what is happening, they scheme to make their mom pay for her actions. I love the ending,when Corrine (Tenant) faces her daughter and gets her "just desserts";
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