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Flicka 2006

Young Katy claims a wild horse as her own -- an effort to prove to her father that she is capable of one day taking over the family ranch...

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´ha hoh thank you very much for the video


Initial Reaction: Flicka your Bic-a?

Main Characters

Katherine "Katy" Maclaughlin: She's a student at a private school played by Alison Lohman

Rob McLaughlin: He's Katy's father played by Tim McGraw.

Nell Mclaughlin: She's Katy's mother played by Maria Bello.

Plot Summary

It's the end of the school year, and Katy has done poorly in her class; she was supposed to write an essay, but instead she's dreaming of horses running wild.

When she gets home, she doesn't tell her family her failure, but instead goes out on a horseback ride. During the ride, she falls off her horse, come across a mountain lion and a black horse.

The black horse drives off the lion and disappears out of sight. Katy is intrigued by this horse -- so much so that she has to find it again, despite her father's warnings.

It isn't long before Katy finds that black horse and tries to lasso her in and fails. Her father rides in and brings the black horse under control. He then puts that horse in a solitary stall.

Kathy wants to tame the horse and ride it, saying the horse and her have a lot in common. However, her father doesn't want his daughter anywhere near that horse.


Main Characters

Katy is driven (which is good). She wants to go out and do things her way. Although she might want to put a little more thought into her plans.

Her father is too much like the overprotective dictator that many fathers are -- it's either his way or -- well it's just his way. But later on in the film, he does warm up nicely.

As for the mother, she's okay. Problem is she tries to be too perfect, just like the mothers in most sitcoms. SCORE: 7

Supporting Cast

We have a brother who's willing to help and a forgettable romance between him and some girl. I know lots of girls love romance, but it's out of place in this film. SCORE: 4


The film started off with too many clich
Flicka is moving towards Akeelah.
I can't believe I'm saying it but yes. It's one of the best.
And all those phony reports of horses dying didn't stop me. Humans are not the enemies. As you can tell, I'm conservative.
That's all.

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Anyway, I saw The Departed the other day and I'll ad to the chorus of people saying it was a great film. A lot of people were shocked by the ending but I saw it coming. Scorcese should win an award and probably will this time around.

This movie came and went. It seemed like nobody really gave it a chance. But, it's actually really good, whether you want to believe it or not. (I saw it in a newly discovered $2 theater about 45 minutes away - where I will now be like every other day.)

Flicka is full of fantastic scenery, surprisingly good acting (yes, even Tim McGraw!), and pleasant dialogue that fits the mood and atmosphere of the film perfectly. The ending is very nicely done, too.

Just don't expect something completely out of the ordinary. Go in looking for a quality film about a family and a horse, and you will definitely be surprised at how good it really is.

Most people may think I'm crazy for rating Young Guns so high, but you have to admit this movie is entertaining. Some days I just want to watch a movie for the pure heck of it, and not have to worry about the intellectual mumbo-jumbo people always think has to be incorporated into movies. If you want to just have a little fun and gain Hollywood's perspective on a true American Gangster then you should watch Young Guns.

When I first heard Flicka was being remade I didn't hold any high hopes for it. I assumed it would just be another flick aimed at young girls stuck in the horse craze, a short sweet horse movie. However I went to see it anyway-and was impressed.

This updated version tells the tale of Katie-a young girl who'd rather be at home horse riding than doing exams at school. When Katie comes home for the summer after failing an exam and being told she may be kept back a year, the summer looks pretty bleak. That is until she finds a wild mustang mare whom she names Flicka. Determined to keep her, she must prove herself to her father whom wants her to do well at school and go to college, rather than run the family ranch like Katie longs to.

Katie is strong, independent and longs to be "free." Like her father she is high strung and stubborn, which causes them to fight often. The first thing that ran through my mind after seeing this film was "this wasn't about a girl and her horse, it was about a girl and her relationship with her dad." Katie and her father are constantly in conflict during this film. While Katie's father wants the best for her, and tries in vain to keep her away from the mustang which he rightfully sees as dangerous, Katie is drawn to Flicka whom she identifies with in a way. As she says "we're the same!" Katie continually disobeys her father in order to train Flicka, and when he finds out he is naturally furious.

Her father responds to this problem by selling Flicka to the local rodeo in exchange for some much needed money. Katie is devastated and quickly devises a plan to get Flicka back.

Katie's father is displayed as a firm but fair man, who only wants the best for his family, but is finding it difficult. His daughter is strong willed which frustrates him, his son doesn't want to run the ranch like every other man in the family, and he's in debt.

The movie is aimed at families. It's not terrifically written some lines are over the top, and Katie and her brother act like best friends rather than brother and sister, but certainly isn't awful either. I find it very enjoyable. It is a beautiful film to look at visually, with many galloping horse scenes and helicopter shots of Wyoming wilderness. Most people will get something out of this, wether it be the pretty horses for the kids or Katie and her father's relationship for the adults. The movie does have some sad scenes, and a lot of action sequences, one which may upset young, sensitive children.

Overall, Flicka is enjoyable film for the whole family, even if they don't particularly like horses.


Watched this with my girls last night. It was okay, nothing spectacular. Just like any other "young girl befriends horse" movie. My girls really enjoyed it though, and that is what matters most ;) !!!!!
I love Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Ruffalo, so it was pretty natural for me to want to see Zodiac. Little did I know, is how much I would be intrigued and wrapped up in it.

Sure, it is a little long, but it is never boring. I could feel the obsession stemming from San Francisco Chronicle ace reporter Paul Avery (Robert Downey, Jr who impressed me yet again), cartoonist Robert Graysmith (Gyllenhaal) and Inspector David Toschi (Mark Ruffalo) develop over the course of years for the sake of finally cracking the case and taking down a methodical, manipulative, cocksure killer.

David Fincher made up for Panic Room with his direction of the film. Great shots, the damp dread feeling....he executed it all flawlessly. It turned from a true crime thriller to a CSI mixed with a DaVinci Code type of investigation. It was brilliant.

I am doing the whole online rental thing again. The first movie I watched was Flicka. I have a place in my heart for Tim McGraw in music and in movies, though I am not a dedicated country fan...

Nevertheless, I loved the sprawling Wyoming ranch scenery, with wild mustangs galloping across the hills and valleys. Alison Lohman pulled off the daydreaming daughter Katy, who goes to a prep school, but only wants to be with her family on their beloved ranch. Her brother, Howard, was yearning to go to college, but was groomed to work on the ranch and take it over one day. Their father (Tim McGraw) was strict and they seemed to fear hurting him in anyway.

I really liked it. It was a great family film.

Finally, I totally saw Catch and Release in January or the beginning of February, and I totally didn't review it. Bad Courtney.

First of all, it was too long with too many subplots. I love Jennifer Garner, but she totally wasn't the star of the show. That honor is bestowed on the cute and cuddly Kevin Smith who wore his tie-dye and worked at Celestial Seasonings...

And the way Timothy Olyphant looked at Jennifer Garner was more maniacal than desirous and very creepy clown-like. Yikes.

Alright. I will be back soon.

Corny family film, target audience though is young female teens. The acting isn't very good, particularly the younger actors. Best asset of the film is the great scenery.
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