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I was very impressed when I found out that Kirk Cameron, the guy who plays Caleb, actually didn't kiss his co-star at the end. That was his real wife that he kissed. It shows that even in the basic making of this movie, they were honoring a marriage relationship and that is one of the biggest testimonies ever. I have a lot of respect for Kirk Cameron because of that. This movie was brilliantly made with enough humor to make you laugh, suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat, love to warm your heart, heartbreak to make you cry, and positive ratings to make you watch it.
I still pledge by this movie. Everyone should give it a try definitely a movie that will bring mixed emotions out.
I attended the premier of Fireproof at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. With a limited budget and a cast of ordinary folks this movie delivers a powerful message. The story is believable and one any married couple can relate to. It touches your heart with wit, drama, and two action scenes that are remarkable. It is an excellent date movie and the followup book "The Love Dare" will help to heal many broken marriages. While it doesn't have any cgi generated eye candy it tells a good story with the right mix of humor and tears. The movie wasn't made to make money. It was made to changes lives. I predict it will do both.

My 2 cents

FIREPROOF is a movie that will polarize much of the general movie-going public. Its overtly religious theme will seem to many to be over the what, I say. The movie and its makers are not offering apologies for being upfront about what they believe in and what they stand for. Their metaphor is a movie. The movie itself is a little slow in the beginning, but builds convincingly to an ending that is both believable and real. Cuddly and cute Kirk Cameron actually is believable as firefighter Caleb Holt. He is no Arnold Schwarzenegger as far as action heroes go, but he delivers an effective performance. The firefighting scenes are believable, but what really matters is the personal battles he must fight and win to keep his marriage together.

I have watched Sherwood Pictures grow as a movie-making company through three movies. This is by far the most professional of their three movies. There are spots where the production values lag, some of the acting is wooden and some of the lines might be a bit schmaltzy. They can be forgiven this because we have gotten to know the Sherwood Pictures family. They have mastered the art of community-based filmmaking. Just like Adam Sandler brings his cast of buddies with him on every film, Sherwood brings their regulars with them, too. The middle linebacker from Facing the Giants is there, the mechanic from Flywheel is there, even Alex and Steven Kendrick make an appearance. For those that understand what Sherwood Films means to Christian moviegoers will understand and know what I mean when I say that we have adopted Sherwood Pictures as our own.

What does this movie mean in the greater scheme of things? Why go see this movie? Why would I want to blow $10 on a preachy movie? This movie does not preach. It states. It states the principles that all marriage SHOULD be based on....not the world's view, but God's view of marriage. In a society where marriage is disposable and a "feeling", somewhere there is a plan and a purpose to marriage. Christians believe that plan is laid out in the Bible. FIREPROOF is not afraid to STATE what it believes marriage to be: an unbreakable covenant that needs to be jealously guarded. You DON'T have to agree. Much of America doesn't, but I applaud Sherwood Pictures for stating it anyway.

I am convinced that most of the ROTTEN TOMATOES' reviewers (Non-Christians, atheists, cynics and wits) will sit at "minimum safe distance" and lob their vitriol, venom and sarcasm at the movie to discredit it and belittle it. That is their right. However, I challenge them to see this movie and let it touch them. This movie is real. It resonates with its audience, Christian and non-Christian alike, because it tackles real world issues (Marriage and Divorce) that have touched so many of us. It is not a perfect movie, but I applaud it's willingness to take a stand for marriage. FIREPROOF is a movie worth seeing.
Fireproof follows fire fighter, Captain Caleb Holt (Kirk Cameron), and his wife, Catherine (Erin Bethea), as they go through their home and work routines. The story catches up with them seven years into their marriage, and to say that things have become rocky might be an understatement.

It might best be described in Holt's own words spoken early on in the film:

"Seems like I'm a hero to everyone else in the world except my wife".

Yes, its no secret that this movie intends to make a point about the Christian understanding of marriage, and what - Who! - it takes to make a marriage work. But there is also good action, humor and emotion in this film that exceeds previous efforts by Sherwood Pictures.

While I was distracted by dialogue that seemed forced and some stiff acting early on, I was drawn in by the story (rather than the sermon) ... some components of which could be found in my own life.

That, I think, is the power of Fireproof: It works as a genuine story, despite its flaws (including some Christian "cheesiness", and what I felt were misplaced moments of humor). I was both entertained and invigorated by this film.
This is an amazing movie on such a small budget. I recommend this to any family. There can be a great discussion about the issues here. I am taking The Love Dare?

How about you?
this movie was wonderful! its a great romantic drama and an inspiring message.
anyone who is married, engaged, or even alive!!! should see this.....
Just saw Fireproof and I loved it! I saw Facing the Giants which is the first movie from director Alex Kendrick, and was impressed at what he accomplished on a shoestring budget. This movie confirms that a great story, good acting and competant directing are more important than big budget effects. This movie is an emotional roller coaster: going from anger, resentment, to repentance and ultimately redemption. It has drama, action, heroism and ultimately is a love story about the committment between a husband and wife and between man and God. Get to the theater and support quality entertainment for the entire family. Also rent Facing the Giants the next time you want to make it a "blockbuster" night.
I saw this movie last night with my wife. Even with the minimal budget and elementary acting, the movie delivers by delving into thought provoking life issues. The movie is dialogue based and centered around a Christian belief system (know this ahead of time). If you want to be blown away with special effects and surprise twists and turns, this is not the movie for you. If you want to see a fresh perspective on life, divorce, lust and healing in relationships, give it a shot. My wife and I discussed the movie the rest of the evening.
I thought Fireproof was a good movie. If you can look past some of the unexperienced actors and the fact that the movie is based on christian principals, then anyone can enjoy the film. Yes, I am a christian, so I will enjoy it more than people who are not, but no one can argue that the story itself isn't good. Some people lose sight of the fact that not every movie is intended to be a Acadamy Award contender. You cant expect the kids in a school play to contend for a Tony Award. You can go to it and enjoy it for what it is, but keep you expectations realistic. Sherwood Films is in their infancy when it comes to filmmaking so keep that in mind when you watch this one. Their message makes up for any mediocracy.
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