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Firehouse Dog 2007

Rexxx, Hollywood's top canine star, gets lost and is adopted into a shabby firehouse. He teams up with a young kid (Hutcherson) to get the station back on its feet...

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Firehouse Dog is standard kids fare. Nothing new or better then your average live-action kids movie. The good scenes with the dog were few and far between. Your average 5-10 year-old may like it but not most adult or critically/older kids. Safe your money and wait for video.
I'd say this is a cute movie for young boys who love fart jokes... but on the other hand, the plot is so dull and confusing, I doubt it would hold their attention for too long. The plot switches from plot to subplot to subplot, and the actors are rather unconvincing.. (the acting is horrible, even for a children's movie). I'd reccomend watching a movie such as Homeward Bound or Air Bud instead.

I don't understand why they chose to make firefighting a plot of the movie, this type of dog isn't fit for firefighting, it's a mutt.. (and for some reason, is also a movie-star) and while they address this issue in the movie, it just doesn't make sense. The begining of this movie and the middle and end seem like two entirely different movies, it seems like they just picked "dog" "movie-star" and "firefighting" out of a hat when they were looking to make a plot/storyline for the movie. It just doesn't go together well.

The first five minutes focuses on the dog and his rockstar life, and the rest of the movie seems to focus on the boy and his firefighting Dad and all the firefighting "heroes" of the movie. What this movie is, is just an ego boost for firefighters everywhere. A horribly-put together film for firefighters to take their children to, and while firefighting is a very important and dangerous job, (and I respect all they do for the community) they seem to over-glorify it and cheapen it at the same time. The special effects on the fire are as unrealistic as the backflipping, pole-sliding, acrobatic, pro-skateboarding mutt.
Predictable but still enjoyable and enjoyable family film. The title dog is very entertaining - quite amazing. He very much lifts this film up a notch. Well acted.
Ughhhh. Boring boring boring. Looks like a cute little kiddy movie but it's just not. The movie had a very slow beginning but got a little better as it went along. It was sooo long though, I was basically counting the minutes haha. The acting was not good at all in my opinion, especially Hutcherson's. I'm sorry, it's just that his delivery of alot of his lines were rather cringe worthy. I haven't seen any of his other movies so I can't just come right out and say that he's a bad actor but judging from this, he's definetly not good. The script sucked terribly too. The dog steals the show (or lack thereof lol)... he was pretty tight haha. But he couldnt save this mess...
(*** 1/2):

A great family film. Funny, sweet and entertaining. Hutcherson (along with his role in this year's Bridge to Terabithia) is showing some good acting talent, and I hope to see more of him in the future. One of the better films of 2007.
Beyond corny. Might be good for the little ones.
Firehouse Dog (2006) is a delightful suprise to the nearly non-existent genre of family films. Just like Because of Winn-Dixie, this movie tells the story of a child and a dog and the assorted adventures that they enjoyably experience together and suprises us with its authenticity and spirit. Lucky for the audiences, Firehouse Dog isn't a sappy sentimental fest (Cheaper by the Dozen 1 & 2) or a little kids movie (Veggie Tales: The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything). It's an action movie, comedy, family drama, and a tale of a boy and a dog. The tale begins with the canine action star Rexxx filming a scene for his new action movie. He skydives out of an airplane but his parachute accidentally gives out and he freefalls and then...he lands in a haywagon. This takes him to a small town with tons of kids and tons of fires. There is also Station 55, the fire station that's been around since the town was built. Strangely enough, there has been mysterious fires around the area of the station and elsewhere. The boy of the story is tween Sean (Josh Hutcherson in an excellent performance) and his dad so happens to be the Captain [(Bruce Greenwood of Racing Stripes of Station 55. When Sean is skateboarding home from school, he meets Rexxx and eventually introduces Rexxx to the station. Soon enough, he's named Duey. When the squad is called away to a search and rescue, the firefighters are having trouble, so Duey decides to follow his nose. In doing so, he saves the day and is placed as the mascot of the station. His reputation grows and everyone is getting to hear about this 'wonderdog'. This wonderdog also saves the firefighters jobs. The Captain begins to not have as much time to spend with his kid as he'd like to. Plus the two are still recovering from a family death. The rest is up for the people who are interested in seeing it. For additional information, the movie is after all for kids and dog lovers, but there are some intense action sequences that suprised me in being in a family film. It still clicks with all of the other parts of the movie. That what makes it great. Be ready for more Critiques and Opinions on Every Game and Movie I Can Get My Hands On!
A fun family film. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Josh Hutcherson and Bruce Greenwood were great in this one.
Film critics are too hard on this film. They're totally missing it. This is about as sweet as Because of Winn-Dixie (another film that critics are too hard on.) Being a firedog is more fun than being a movie dog.
This is a cute, and childish movie that has real heart. The movie wont really appeal to the likes of teenagers, but parents will enjoy it simply cause there kids are getting a fun, and clean movie experience. Josh Hutcherson is one of my favorite upcoming actors because of he is always really convincing. This is a fun little movie for the kids.
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