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Rob Brown needs some more work.

And Linda Cardellini is hot.

(DVD) (Second Viewing, 3rd Van Sant film)

Conventional story, but these types of movies depend on the chemistry between the main actors. That is present here, and Abraham makes a convincing "bad guy".
But there's nothing new here.
The only thing wrong with this movie is that it seems like a deliberate adaptation of "Good Will Hunting," complete with the same director and a bit part for Matt Damon. I totally love both movies, though, so that's not a big problem.

The main thing I wanted to say is that Rob Brown's acting in this movie is one of the most natural, realistic, convincing performances I've seen by any actor in any movie. It is a crime that he didn't get critical acclaim for his role, and even worse that this movie didn't lead him to a score of other offers (he only has one other one, which came out four years later, and I have yet to see).

Sean Connery also deserves the critical acclaim he received for his performance here, and not one person in the cast doesn't do a great job.

I love the movie for a number of other reasons, but that was what I most wanted to say.

by: Gus Van Sant

The theme of teaching and learning at the same time enveloped with an unusual friendship between two extremely different people might sound much of a cliche, but this film successfully pushes the right buttons without exerting too much effort.
Over the weekend, I decided to pick up "Finding Forrester". I had heard some positive remarks about the movie, so I decided to take a chance. What a pleasant surprise. The story was engaging. I really liked the mix of having a student who also was an athlete and the focus was on the academics, not the athletics. I thought the performances of the main characters was pretty good.

My main complaint was the lack of development of some of the second tier characters. I would have liked to known more about some the teacher, the girlfriend, the brother and the mom. There is only so much that you can do if you don't want the movie to go on forever.
review to come
Osmosis Jones (2001)

Better Known as Jurassic Park 2: The Unnecessary Sequel. The good thing about this is that it doesn't suck as much as Jurassic Park 3. The bad news is that it still sucks. The plot is shakey and more an excuse to show off CGI enhanced dinos than as a reason for plot progression. Speaking of which, technology seems to have deproved (my bastardistion of improved) as the CGI enhanced dinos look decidedly more fake than in the 1993 original. Or maybe because my memory just favours the original. The final climax with T-Rex in NY falls squarely into eyeball-rolling, over-the-top territory and reminds me of those Godzilla flicks i used to watch (The original, dated 1970s Japanese Godzilla films with funny titles like Godzilla vs ReallyScaryMonster, not the lousy hollywood one. )

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