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"Danke schoen, darling, danke schoen.h........"

CLASSIC!!! This movie will always remain Golden.... :)
Much like Mary Poppins, this movie is practically perfect in every way. Cameron is my boy.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off was an instant classic in my book. I felt deprived having not seen this movie until last night. I seem to be on a trend of watching movies about high school seniors going crazy and having fun, see my The Girls Next Door review (Feb. 24). Matt Broderick is a god, and all his friends are cool too. This movie is hilarious as well. I'd go into a lot more detail, but if you haven't seen this go rent it right now! This flick falls into my elite high ranking club (that's 9/10 or above).
This is one of my favorite movies!!
I don't know why I'm even bothering to review this film. But for the 1 out of a million out there who hasn't seen it yet, here you go. FBDO is quintessential 80's. Though a bit campy, that's all intentional and thus it works. The only problem I have with this film is so minute it feels like I'm nagging, but the problem of continuity. Follow me here: first Ferris ditches school, calls his friend poolside, makes a crank call, makes another crank call, drives over with Cameron to get the Ferrari, drives to school to pick up his girlfriend, drive to carport, walk to and play around at the top of Sears Tower, sneak into a fancy restaurant, goes to a Cubs game, sings a couple of songs in a parade, gets back to the carport, drives over to Cameron's place, sits in pool while Cameron "meditates," rewinds miles off car, walks his girlfriend home, and runs like what four five blocks home all before 6p. There is no way ever, that anyone could ever do all this by 6p. But then again, like I said, it comes off as though I'm nagging so I'll drop it.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off is a modern comedy classic, despite the fact that it falters when delivering its hokey "message". But it's still hella funny. And Mia Sara is smoking hot.

Arachnaphobia: I only saw the last half, so I can't give it a full rating. But its mix of light horror and dry humor kind of appealed to me. I'd like to revisit it, but only if it comes on TV again.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy appeals to me, yet I am neither gay nor metrosexual. But it is funny, energetic, and as far as makeover shows go, it's fairly benign (meaning, no plastic surgery).

Iron Chef is all kinds of awesome. But why is the actress always such a freaking ditz?

Who Wants to Marry My Dad is a show that I can't exactly call a guilty pleasure, because I watch it only to laugh at it. It's overly dramatic (the constant close-ups), the gimmicks are beyond stupid (like that dog), and the way they play those sappy songs whenever somebody gets eliminated cracks me up every time. If there is one redeeming quality to this show, it's that it shows older people can be attractive. Even I have to admit that the father is a handsome guy, and several of the women are hott.

MXC has a tendency to get old after a while. You can only watch people falling down so often. But in small doses, it's fantastic.

Chipotle vs. Willy's vs. Moe's vs. Baja Fresh: A battle of the not-exactly fast food burrito joints. People who like Chipotle become addicts very quickly, I've noticed. It's also the chain I have the most experience with. I tried the tacos a few days ago, and it's a nice change of pace from the burritos. I think the lack of beans and rice is refreshing (though I like that rice). And they also don't give you free chips and salsa, which all the other chains do. I had Willy's for the first time last week, and though the meat was unexceptional (I guess I shouldn't have gotten steak), the burrito as a whole was very good. Plus, since you order by toppings instead of meat, you can get guacamole without paying an arm and a leg. I've been to Moe's a few times, but not recently. I'll have to revisit it. Baja Fresh is okay, but pales in comparison to the other chains.

Tenacious D is classically trained to rock your socks off, so you can't help but love them. They're funny, and they rock hard. What more can you want? I can't believe that I hadn't learned of their complete genius earlier. Shout out to Rob and Q for cueing me in.

Franz Ferdinand rock a little less hard than the D, but they've still got energy to spare. They haven't jumped to the top of my list of favorite groups, but they certainly don't disappoint. "Take Me Out" has the year's best guitar/drum combo. And what is up with "Michael"?
this is a great film. from the beginning you don't really know what to expect. but by the middle you are thinking it is really cool. and at the end you are thinking how did he pull it off. great.

Wow - between this and B&T, I'm really displaying my child of the 80's roots here. Eh, regardless. This is a minor classic, yet one that I think anyone who was in their teens in the 80s would have to admit an affinity for. And again, one that I've seen many, many times.

So many vintage little bits: Broderick's continued asides to the screen, Jeffrey Jones slapstick attempts to catch Bueller on the pip, Alan Ruck's scream on noticing the odometer, the above Art Gallery scene, Charlie Sheen's brief cameo, the closing credits. Ruck & Jones steal the show from Broderick, who is so indelibly tailor-made for the role that not even banging Sarah Jessica Parker can shake it from his image. And as always, John Hughes brings a distinctive class and intelligence to what could have easily been a throwaway teen flick, and transforms it into a gem.

Bottom line: Ruck was the buddy everyone wanted, Mia Sara was the girlfriend everyone wanted, and Bueller was the charismatic goof-off everyone just plain wanted to be. Gold.
Have I mentioned that words do not describe Ferris Bueller's Day Off. It is the most histerical and genius movie I have ever seen. Sometimes I just want to have one big adventure like he did. With all the gizmos and gadgest to totally fool my parents and teachers.That would be so great! We can all dream can't we?

Anyway its almost 11:10 and I have class at 11:30am. I just got done with math and I am going to puke. Good luck to me in that class. Sheesh. Do you ever feel like your the dumbest one in your class? Everyone around you shouts out answers, while your sitting there with a "huh what the hell" look on your face. That was my experience today. Oy Vey, I am definetely in for it. I am beyond exausted, I have not been sleeping well. I think school is getting to me, I think I am overwhelmed and its only day 2. Sigh.

Its wierd being in college. There is no one telling you what to do, your like free. You can do whatever the heck you want! There is no adminstrator or principle yelling over the loud speaker listing the rules. There is no structure. The only structure is going to class and getting your work done.

I am sitting in the media center right now, there is alot of ppl in here. Oky, well lalalala, lol, can you tell I am bored:) Oky, I will save you the boredom, ohhh no trouble parking today, I got to campus extra extra early! YAY! lol

oky everyone, class starts soon. English, my fav subject.:)

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