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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 1998

An oddball journalist and his psychopathic lawyer travel to Las Vegas for a series of psychedelic escapades...

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depp's caricaturization of thompson is superb, including speech mannerisms and even the way thompson walks.. depp lived with thompson (in his basement) at woody creek for quite a while before shooting this film and they became good friends.. bill murray, who had first played thompson in WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM, told depp that, once he portrayed hunter's persona, he would lapse back into it for the rest of his life.. you can see this happening in depp's creation of captain jack sparrow in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN.. depp presided over the ceremonial funeral of hunter s. thompson where, according to his wishes, his ashes were shot out of a vertical tower cannon he'd had built on his property at woody creek, designed as a defiant two-thumbed fist extending into the sky and built expressly for that purpose.. bill murray was also in attendance as was benicio del toro.

this movie is so dumb, that i kinda kept watching just to see if it could get any dumer. way over the top with the drugs, usage, and the effects of the drugs. i know that the whole drug thing is the theam of this movie. but the old saying that less is more would have made the movie much better. i'm sure that some people will find this movie verry funny, and enjoy watching it if they like movies made like this one. most people would rather just skip it all tougher. if you thought dumb and dumber was good than you would enjoy watching this one also.

I really want to watch this movies, but none of the links work

I really want to watch this movies, but none of the links work

new links!!! Please!!

I don't know about this movie.

Ambitious visuals, but what's the point at the end. Its just one wild ride to nowhere. After a whle I just wanted them to sober up cause watching act like fools was getting tiring.
Yes! I finally got to see F&L, and really I must say, it was great. Johnny Depp was hilarious, but extremely hard to understand. The begining with the bats is so funny. It made me laugh so hard, really the work of a genius.
people have 2 major problems when it comes to this movie..........either 1, they dont get it because they havent done the necessary homework on understanding the true meaning of the movie and the book......or they seem to see it as a brash attack on the decline of the american dream.....either way, these people are wrong, say what you will, but the movie is amazing, even once you get through the outstanding symbolism at the death of the "american dream" the movie is hilarious "lets get down to the brass much for the monkey" or the scene with Depp wading through the mess in the hotel room wearing a lizard tail........people need to understand that at the time the book was written, the american dream seemed more like a lie to the people, and thats what this movie is really all about.....a truly fantastic screenplay adaption of a great book written by hunter s thompson.
R-rated comedys are always the best cause they're the only ones who're actually funny. This one is apart from Big Lebowski the most funny movie I've watched so far.
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