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Fear 1996

When Nicole met David; handsome, charming, affectionate, he was everything. It seemed perfect, but soon she sees that David has a darker side. And his adoration turns to obsession, their dream into a nightmare, and her love into fear...

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Solar rating: 8.5


Imdb rating: 6.2



Such a good movie. I'm not a fan of Mark but I did like this watch!
I LOVE this movie! I remember watching this for the first time when I was a teen, I immediately fell in love w/ Marky Mark(Mark Wahlberg). He's a great actor and I'm glad to see him back on the big screen recently after years of not seeing him in any movies.

I love this movie!! Mark is wonderful and Reese was just as good!! Everytime this comes on tv it is a MUST WATCH for me

Well, I saw my first bad movie for quite some time last night. It was Fear, starring Mark Whalberg and Reese Witherspoon. And it was pretty sucky. However, I did have quite a good time making fun of it. So that was enjoyable. And Whalberg pre-speech-training-in-order-to-get-rid-of-the-Boston-accent is damn funny.
Fear (1996) Mark Wahlberg, Reese Witherspoon, William Petersen, Alyssa Milano, Amy Brenneman, Christopher Gray, D: James Foley. Unsuspecting Seattle teen meets her Romeo, who seems like a nice guy until she brings him home to protective Daddy and the smitten delinquent becomes a deadly threat to the family who just won't go away. Former rapper and Calvin Klein underwear model Marky Mark is pretty menacing as the teenage maniac in this awfully formulaic "FATAL ATTRACTION for teens" thriller. Not bad from decent performances and a steamy scene on a roller coaster, and director Foley balances top-notch style and tension into the direction. Only the predictable, violent showdown at the family nest shows writer Christopher Crowe's lack of effort for ending this. Running Time: 97 minutes and rated R for language, strong violence, drug use, sexuality, and nudity. **
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Yeah I am taking off for the weekend! I am going home-and I already have plans to hang out with friends & catch a movie with the family! (Most likely try to catch the Incredibles again just to see the Star Wars trailer on the big screen):D
But I did squeeze in a couple of movies last night: Fear, Resevoir Dogs, Urban Cowboy and The Royal Tenenbaums. I will breifly review my newbies...
Yes I gave it a seven because I loved it when I was younger and because in the years that have gone by I still find a masochistic stalker sexy in films (in real life they turn my stomach) but with looks like Marks how could I not still enjoy this trite piece of shit!:p
Resevoir Dogs
Love it! This reminds me of Directing for theatre-the actors and the staging are so similar I could see this adapted for the stage!
The Royal Tenenbaums
Love the soundtrack, Bill Murray, Danny Glover and Gene Hackman. Other than that the movie is slower than Rushmore and has a strange creepiness about it. I still love it though I was try to watch my fave scenes on the DVD, yes I own the DVD!
bleh i think this movie sucks and the best part is Bush playing machinehead on the soundtrack.
:rotten: fear:rotten:
what starts out as a ok movie turns into a far fletched crapfest ,mark w annoyed me than anything he's needs to learn how to talk see the movie and you'll so what i mean ,the acting sucks and the story is so overblown and just awful ,i hate this movie and i'm sure you will to dont waste your time and the only reason it get a one is cause the reese wilterspoon -1
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