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A Steve Martin go to and just an all around feel good film. Kind of an American classic. Fuzzy and cute.

cool Wonderful contribution I feel really lonely now.

Last night I went and saw The Terminal starring Tom Hanks with my mexican aka Laila. We laughed, we cried and we both loved the movie. It was such a great film. It was such a refreshing film to see. It was also filled with laughs and morals. This film is a must see. The acting is fantastic and the script is well done. The mexican and I had a great time! yay lol.

So today I went to a wedding. Not my wedding very funny, haha, lol. Oky anyways my moms friends daughter got married. It was the longest wedding of my life. It was a quick ceremony very quick kinda odd, and the after par-tay was just well for family and friends. I am not very close to the family so it was sorta odd. But it was nice to get out for an evening and just chill. Hey its always nice to dress up. So I rated my favorite movie Father Of The Bride. I just love that movie!! Steve Martin and Martin Short are just the bests dueo

I got a message from TomTom on my phone and thanks for calling, That was very sweet of you. Oky more l8ter! ~~~
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Funny, Heart warming/ touching.

Diane Keaton and Steve Martin are great as husband and wife , Martin Short creates the most laughs with his accent so hilarious.

i have always loved this movie as a feel good movie ;)
Father of the Bride is basically about a father trying to deal with her daughter growing up, getting married, and moving away. The whole film is about a wedding. That's it. As boring as that may sound, it still is pretty entertaining, once you get past some intense overacting, the absense of all belevability, and some painfully dumb scenes. One of the unbelivable and dumb scenes are when the father (Steve Martin) lets two 8 year-olds drive a whole bunch of cars. What? Yeah, it's true. There are many more.
Father of the Bride (1991): 7/10

A Wedding Comedy.
These are okay family movies I think-Steve Martin and Diane Keaton have great chemistry, but these movies were almost a little too sappy for me. martin short's aewsome too-i hope my wedding planner is as cool as Franck-but I just can't watch this type of movie over and over again.:down: :up: i'm kinda undecided as to how much I like them.
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