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Movie trailer


I really like the F&F movies. Can't want for the next one.
NO thanks the UPLOADERs do fine for me, and I in turn Do my very best for Solars Users. It is all good! Thanks tho. Cheers..
(Grumble Grumble)I'm Jealous tell him! lol
Bet is was spectacular they ALL always are. Thanx mate Cheers..
OK well it was a surprise to this blonde when she saw trailer.
Can someone anyone pls PM Me with details about HOW??
Sung Kang, who plays Characters: Han is in 5&6?
WOW U will love it its brilliant! Cant wait for 6.
(Plus I love the little surprise they have for us. )
Just cant remember how it occurred?
Drat now I gotta watch again. lol Cheers..
Watched "Fast five". This movie is great! Great storyline and every actor did a fine job with their charachters. Tons of action,shooting and fight scenes(especially the one between vin diesel and the rock). The ending was great (although a bit unbelievable), but still very exciting to watch. Highly recommend watching this one!
Saw the preview for the next during the Superbowl..its going to be Sick!!
So... all of this happened before Tokio Drift? Ugh.. i really don´t like it when they don't make straight story lines. But the movie was good. I liked it better than the 4th.
I wasn't really impressed with any of these films. I do like that they provide a lot of eye candy and they have a ton of gay sexual inuendo but other than that, a movie about cars going fast with drugs etc.. seems like something designed to win over 13 year old boys.

it was good but to me the first one was the best by far.......

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