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Fantastic Four 2005

A group of astronauts gain superpowers after a cosmic radiation exposure and must use them to oppose the plans of their enemy, Doctor Victor Von Doom...

Release Date:
July 8, 2005
106 min
Tim Story
Danielle Dunn-Morris, Sandra-Jessica Couturier, Sanja Banic, ...
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, ...
USA, Germany

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Solar rating: 7.9


Imdb rating: 5.7

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@snh20 I seen on msn that they have recast fantastic four but I didnt read the article so I thought u was on about that one
@wok75 I'm not sure what you are asking me.
@snh20 why what did they do now?
Can they remake this and cast it less stupidly.
Cant Wait

I fell in love with this beauty - My expectations for her next movie are high, but I hope they don't copycat X-men... Jessica looks very cool as invisible woman, but I think I like her more when she's visible!!!
Trust me, people. This movie of the Fantastic Four will not do good. The story line sucks. Jessica Alba makes a lousy Sue Storm, and Gruffudd's acting makes Reed Richards look like the Nutty Professor. "Five went into outer space..??"
Oh, bro-ther
It could have been so much worse. While it's no Batman Begins or Xmen it's also not a turd either.

I'll post a better review when I have more time but I did enjoy the movie although it's aimed at a younger audience than most super hero movies.

Final Rating: 67%
Early today we watched Fantastic FOur...the movie is surprisingly good. The movie would have been its best if it has given more run time. I mean its short but still cool. Chris Evans rocks, Chiklis was great, Ioan was cool, Alba was nice... Mcmahon was outstanding!! Everyone in the cast did well!!! The cool thing about FF is that they can give each character more focus regarding their powers and characteristics...they can make it bigger next time. X-Men should follow the same thing....a 4-hour movie is fine as long as its cooL!!! Flying human torch...its awesome!!!! GO watch the movie...its fun!!! a 7 rating from me!!!
Ah, Die Fantastische Vier...definitely an improvement on the original film that I saw bootlegged a few years back. That was just...sad. Really sad. Now, before I go into this flick, a few things: I used to collect comics hardcore - if the characters wore spandex, I bought it. Except for The Fantastic Four. They were too cheesy. Yes, yes, someone who actually paid for the first issue of NFL Superpro shouldn't be making judgements. But I never, ever considered picking up the Fantastic Four unless it was an Infinity Gauntlet/War/Dinner Party crossover. Sure, I respected them for being the original Marvel flagship team title from the heyday of Lee&Kirby, but the comic did nothing to interest me - even when they had that weird period where there was the "new" Fantastic Four with Ghost Rider, Spiderman, the Grey Hulk, I forget the other one. Not important, because I honestly STILL didn't care. BUT, and this brings me to the second thing I wanted to mention, I fall all over myself for any filmed adaptation of a comic. Yes, I've seen the old series of "Captain America" movies (shitty) and the original "Spiderman" TV series, loved "Wonder Woman" and "The Hulk" (Lou body paint...subject of many fantasies of mine, and most likely Bill Bixby's, too), and even led me to get ahold of the original FF flick - not-even-straight-to-video quality. Now THAT was putrid. But now we have a big budget version with actors that we can actually recognize by name and LOTS of juicy product placement! Yay!

The origin story was only modified a little, as most comic book movies have been doing lately (Wolverine and...Rogue?), but it still keeps to the original intention of the origin...i.e. to show that these relatively normal people get zapped by cosmic rays and develop superpowers instead of cancer. And yes, there's melodrama thanks to each person's take on their transformation that may, on the big screen, seem a bit silly or overplayed, but hey - it's based on a comic book, and if anyone has actually READ the early issues, the film characters come off as subtle. The one major origin shift is the inclusion of Vic von Doom as a aprt of the crew affected by the cosmic rays, turning his body, over the course of the film, into an organic metal hybrid that absorbs and spews electrical energy. Just take it for granted that he's an evil psychopath, and you'll understand why he has to kill the Fantastic Four, which involves something about IPOs and stock options. Chris Evans' Johnny Storm is definitely a "hot rod", like the original comic version, but that of course has to involve the X-Games, EXTREME snowboarding and EXTREME making out in a speeding car. Because, you know, he's really EXTREME! And shirtless several times over the course of the movie...which more than makes up for his overdone, er, EXTREME-ness. At least, dialogue-wise, he mentions what every person in the audience is thinking, i.e. that Ioan Gryffudd's Mr. Fantastic's stretching is "just gross." It really is. Jessica Alba has a strangely co-ed approach to Sue Storm's Invisible Woman ("Girl?!" she exclaims when Johnny gives them all their nicknames on the news). Besides the humourous way she shoots her force fields...her arms' positions maximize visible cleavage in a great way, of course. You can hear the director's instructions: "No, Jessica, push them forward! I know that your character would spread her arms wider, but we need you to show off your assets!") The one major point of pathos comes in Chiklis' Ben Grimm, who looks great, even if it is a rubber suit. The Thing just can't get a break, and that's nicely illustrated over the running time. Yes, we get it sucks to be him, and we still like seeing yet another example of how much...Schadenfreude, baby.

I'm going to ignore the plot holes, since, hey - it's a comic book movie that DOES get it right when it comes to action...which unfortunately isn't too often. The final Doom/FF showdown is well-done, although the viewer spends much of the movie waiting for any kind of big action sequence, other than "The Human Torch Goes to the X-Games" or "The Thing Goes Hard Drinkin' and Meets a Chick." And yes, there are some obvious plot twists, but again, for those who know anything about the original comic, or about any of the recent big-screen comic adaptations, we all know what to expect. It also doesn't hurt that the ride is pretty - there's eye candy for every geek or horndog. I do have to say that certain scenes seem to have been made more palatable to parents who bring their kids, hence the lack of blood, and not too many "scary" moments (OooooooOOOooo) - but kids love the boobies and hairy-chested mens, so it balances out for the rest of geek-and-average-moviewatcherdom. And if you can see past the cheese, and recognize it for the fun comic book fluff that it's cupposed to be, then bully for you.

Besides, it's not as bad as "War of the Worlds", is it?
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