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Fantasia 1940

A collection of animated interpretations of great works of Western classical music...

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Grave of the Fireflies:
What set me on this one was Spirited Away, and some RTer saying that it was their favourite war-movie.
I can see why, I've only seen 2 anime films but what I have seen I have been impressed by. I really like the stylistic portrayal of "ideas" as opposed to "real characters". (I hope you know what I mean). And one thing I LOVE about Japanese (and Chinese) film in general is their appreciation for silence, subtelty and subtext (I also like alliteration apparently). The silences create a thoughtful pause in the film, allowing you to digest some ideas or action, almost like punctuation in a sentence. SO COOL. I love how everything is not spelled out and you really have to read the characters to get the full story. One of my biggest gripe with films are that they insult the viewers intelligence. I havent ever felt that way about a Japanese or Chinese film (although admittedly I havent watched a bad one yet).
This film was beautiful, sad, moving in more than just one way. Im in danger of becoming an Anime-fangirl.....scary thought. :p

Well, its a bit dated now and some bits were a tad *snore*. But there is no denying how ahead of its time it was in terms of a) animation and b) goals of the film. Truly an impressive collection of animation. My favourites are the Nutcracker suite (because I am a dancer and I like fairies (shuddup), but also because the Dance of the Sugar Plum fairy was my favourite piece of music all through my childhood), I also love the dancing hippos (reminds me of Pink Elephants in Dumbo - one of my favourite Disney scenes), and the "Soundtrack".
Really a landmark in animation and film.
i hated this stupid ass movie
Comments pending.

This is an extremely hard movie for me to rate for a couple reasons. First, there's really nothing else to compare it to. Second, it's not really a movie in the usual sense of the word.

The movie is expertly crafted with excellent animation and great music, but most people wont notice this because they'll be asleep before the first half is over. I was so bored during the movie that I had to sit up and start writing stuff or I was going to fall asleep.

The movie isn't terrible by anymeans, and if you like the type of movie that it is, then it is a masterpeice. What it tries to accomplish, it does great... but most people wont like it anyways.

If you like classical music a lot, then you'll probably like the movie. Otherwise, I'd stay away from it, unless you're looking to take a nap.

Fantasia is quite a unique achivevement today, 65 years ofter its creation.

It was the first time pictures were put to music, and, as you can see, it is done quite flawlessly.

"The Sorcerer's Aprentice" is possibly the coolest animated short ever.

I did'nt partiuclularily like the Dinosaur one, or the Mythological Greece one, but the rest are so good that they make up for the lacklustre ones.

A Must See.
Although not accepted too well upon its initial release it has, over the past sixty and more years, become one of the Disney classics. The image of Mickey Mouse in his blue wizard hat alone has become an American icon.

Most of the animation is well done and the music score is very good. The flow of the pieces from one to another is accomplished via a "narrator" that doesn't necessarily need to be there after the first few sequences. It's worth a viewing.

See it if you haven't.
Disney's Fantasia is a true classic. Film combines classical movie with excellent Disney animation. Film is most recognizable for its "Sorcerer's Apprentice" scene featuring Disney icon, Mickey Mouse. This film can be enjoyed by everybody.
Full review to come.
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