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Factory Girl 2006

Based on the rise and fall of socialite Edie Sedgwick, concentrating on her relationships with Andy Warhol and a folk singer...

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Solar rating:8.7


Imdb rating:6.4



This was a beautiful and heartbreaking movie. I smiled, I laughed, I was inspired and I got angry and I cried. When a movie gives you all of those emotions it's that it showed you something. I know I learned something from it. It was definitely worth the watch.
Miller is the best thing in this film
Guy Pearce did an excellent portrayal of Andy Warhol and Sienna Miller was quite good as well. If you like movies that illustrate downward spirals through drug addiction, this is a good one for you. One aspect that could have been improved upon was the length of the film (too short) and the oversimplification of Edie's character.
In the vain of "GIA" this movie portrays how a young girl scared as a child can still bring so much love and life to everyone else. Even At the cost of her own. We must not forget the focus on the movie, Edie Segwick, and her dramatic impact on who would later end up being a pop art icon. I strongly disagree with the critics reviews and you are the kinda of person who has a open mind to the pop and counter culture development of America society then you will appreciate this movie.
Have you even been drinkin something so good that you just had to tip the cup back and look at it? Well that's how good this movie was
I normally agree with critics' opinions, but not on this film. I think any film that provokes thought after I've left the theater is a good one, and Factory Girl certainly does that. The movie is not for everyone, because it deals with drug addiction and the amoral world of "artists at the edge". But more importantly than this, it deals with the choices we make in life, and their repercussions. 4 stars for a terrific film with great performances by Sienna Miller and Guy Pearce.
Drugs and Screwing That's what this sick movie is about. To me I want both my time and money back. No way can I recommend anyone see this.
I will be honest I only went to see Hayden Christensen who apparently was in the who movie for 20 minutes.....sad story about a young lady lloking to be loved!!
Why would that be - because of the Warhol museum?????
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