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This is a really good flick. 8.5/10
It's has good actors portraying interesting characters.
It's funny (Orlando Jones, Captain Frank Irving from sleepy hollow is in his prime as a comic actor) and full of good CGI special effects.
Hard to believe I'd never seen it before.
I highly recommend this little gem.
Let's shampoo us some aliens!
I have to agree .. this is one of the best sci-fi movies ever.
Can't go wrong with this, good movie.....8/10
Very funny sci-fi movie. "There's always time for lubricant." LMAO
one of the best sci-fi movie ever.
Gotta love that H&S
You know it! I enjoy movies that poke fun of themselves on purpose, and has a great crew behind it. This is one of my favorites to pop in and watch every once in a while. It's why my hair is so silky, shiny, and manageable.
You are so beautiful, to me...can't you see?
I think we have established that tooky tooky and cawcaw cawcaw do not work... AHHHHHHHH!!
hahahah very funny!! Bird noises lmfao. Good comedy!
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