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Two movies that shot Clint Eastwood to superstardom. Good old fashioned all american action/comedy including some good country music .

For Clint fans , a joy to watch.

Introducing Manis the orangutan who delights with his human like behaviour.

I don't understand why Eastwood would even want to be in this movie. He better a got a crap load of money for this garbage.
It's delightful to see this particular visual style, as used in Delicatessen, actually work for a change. Although I still think there would be much better solutions out there than this dully colorful thing. Anyhow, Jeunet & Caro have made a masterful dark absurd comedy. But it does get too messy towards the end.

Remember the couple of Clint Eastwood films with the orangutang? That's right. Every Which Way But Loose is in my opinion a great American movie, at least as long as you don't take it as any kind of a moral lesson. I love it how Eastwood's character is a terrible conversationalist.

Marius and Jeanette is a mature and gloriously sunny working-class character drama from Robert Gu
Clint Eastwood stars as Philo Beddoe, a fighter that travels around town with his pet ape "Clyde" and his buddy Orville. The 3 someone run into trouble with local cops and bikers. Along the way Phlio meets Lynn Halsey Taylor, a country music singer wannabe. Very quickly we find out she isn't some good hearted country girl... Instead, she uses men to get what she wants.

After she suddenly leaves town, Philo and his two pals set out to track her down. After several miles and fueds, Philo finds out just what anybody with half a brain would have figured out along time ago.


This is probably Clint's first crack at comedy... I think he comes away fully well. The ape is quite entertaining, and Clint Eastwood delivers the way you would expect. However, the plot is EXTREMELY weak... And you're left wondering why some mediocre country singer with average looks is worth all the trouble.

The laughable country western culture and plot holes might grind at your nerves, but I think the jokes make this film worth viewing every now and then.

Committed white trash bachelor Philo Beddoe (Eastwood) was happy leading a happy-go-lucky life, living in a shack behind his best friend's mother's house that he shared with the his pet orangutan Clyde and making a living driving trucks, fighting in no-rules, bare-knuckle fights arranged by his best friend Orville (Lewis), and ocassionally refurbishing and selling motorbikes and cars. But then he met and fell in love with Lynn Halsey-Taylor (Locke), a young singer he sees perform in a bar. When she mysteriously vanishes one morning, Philo believes her crazy boyfriend forced her to go away, and he sets out in search ofher, with Clyde and Orville along for the ride and a group of angry bikers he picked a fight with in hot pursuit.

Unlike other Clint Eastwood comedies I've seen--"City Heat" and "Pink Cadillac"--"Every Which Way But Loose" is actually funny. And, if one buys into the strange, slightly off-kilter lower working-class world it exists in--it's got a cute story that will keep you smiling and laughing as it unfolds. The filmmakers even manage to pull off a somewhat happy ending, something I was certain they would not be able to do. (It's obvious almost immediately that the girl Philo falls in love with is ust interested in taking him for whatever money she can get and that his quest to reunite with her will meet in heartbreak, and while it does do exactly that, the film still stays upbeat to the end.)

With fun performances from Clint Eastwood and Geoffrey Lewis, augmented by the hilarious live-action cartoon characters that make up the hapless Black Widow biker gang led by Cholla (a very funny John Quade) and his tatooed beer belly, and the toughest little old lady to ever pick up a shotgun, Ma Boggs (Ruth Gordon) this film is a sprawling, chaotic mess of bad jokes, fist-fights, Tarzan impersonations, and random bits of insanity. The only weak link in the film is Sondra Locke who isn't quite up to the nuanced performance her part calls for toward the film's ending.

If you can stand the many country western songs featured in this film, I think this is a film the entire family can enjoy together. The younger kids especially will get a kick out of Clyde the Orangutan.

Every Which Way But Loose
Starring: Clint Eastwood, Geoffrey Lewis, Sondra Locke, Beverly D'Angelo, Ruth Gordon, and John Quade
Director: James Fargo

Every Which Way But Loose (1978)

Although it has its funny moments, without Eastwood this would have been bad. It's a little to "country" for my tastes. I just loathe country music. The plot is a little strange but there are enough laughs to make this fun with Eastwood playing his typical tough guy role.
This movie was good, but it had some bad parts in it:

- there isn't enough humor in it and the kiss gag gets old after you use it

- Clint Eastwood should've knocked out Tank Murdock towards the end of the movie.

- Sondra Locke's character in the movie was a total bitch. If her character wanted to break up with Clint's character, why didn't she just tell him that she wanted to break up with him.


Overall, this movie was good, but it could've been better. I liked it. 8/10
The monkey makes this movie. I liked it. It is funny, a bit cheesy but I have surely seen worse movies. I did enoy this movie and the music.
A fun movie to watch! Eastwood bare-knuckle boxes this movie to greatness. It's insane that this movie doesn't have the highest rating. There's an orangutan named Clyde, "Right turn Clyde", along with a fascist gang of misfit bikers that provide ample laughs. It's just a really great movie as is the sequel.
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