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Eragon 2006

In his homeland of Alagaesia, a farm boy happens upon a dragon's egg -- a discovery that leads him on a predestined journey where he realized he's the one person who can defend his home against an evil king...

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iv seen alot of ppl complain that this movie did not live up to the books. but me for 1 i did not read the books. and im sure many ppl didnt either. for a movie. this was great. iv seen this movie more than once. and by choice. in fact i wish they made a sequel sigh. i really enjoyed this movie. 1 of my favourites
More of a parody of the original books; if I were the creator, I would have sued the director for incompetence.
@igasp4air I agree, I read all of the books and they were amazing and full of detail. The movie was.. not that great. Oh well though. Hopefully he makes more books one day. :)
@igasp4air whoops meant to upvote your comment. apparently there is not a way to undo a vote.
Great movie.
I saw this in the theater way back. I try to imagine that it is a good movie. But as makrusariliu pointed out...if you're expecting the's not close. It has no greatness like to story. The book was just so amazing that the movie...was a huge let down. I wonder if people who did not read the book liked the movie?
This movie is not a terrible movie, but DO NOT watch it if you are expecting anything resembling the books. This movie is so far from the books it is sad. Not only is it obvious that the director didn't read the books, but it seems as if someone had a 7 year old read the books and and write the screenplay, but slipped them acid before they did. When I first saw this movie all I could say was "Really?".

This movie sucks! The book was awesome and I cannot tell you enough times how much I LOVED it. The movie does not follow the plot line at all. It just steals characters and basic ideas from Christopher Paolini and mixed them in a black bag and poured it out to see how the audience would like it. There is no way a sequel can be made. The acting is stilted and horrible. I cannot believe what they have done to my favorite book series. I am so glad they cannot embarrass Paolini anymore. By the way, this book is so new and creative, I cannot believe anyone would think it was like Star Wars!

hi!! im sooooo excited that the eragon movie is coming out,:D i cant wait to see it (although i didnt like what they did to Arya):down: i hope they dont mess the movie up..

I've been looking forward to this movie for quite some time now. It seems as though a few things have been changed though, as in the lord of the rings films. For one, Brom was supposed to have a white beard and be old, he looks as though he has neither. Zarrock, eragons sword supposed to have a tear drop shaped, wire wrapped hilt with a ruby embedded in the pommel and an iridescent red blade. It now has a normal blade that shines A BIT red has a normal shaped hilt with a SAPPHIRE embedded in the pommel.
I suppose its hollywoods way of making things more poetic to SUIT the movie. Despite the few odds and ends, i think we can expect a good movie with some good special effects and battle scenes although i disagree with the character selection.
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