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Equilibrium 2002

In a Fascist future where all forms of feeling are illegal, a man in charge of enforcing the law rises to overthrow the system...

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Solar rating: 8.4


Imdb rating: 7.5

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All of the fight sequences were extremely well choreographed. If I am skimming through the guide and see that this movie is on, I'll usually watch it just to catch the great fight scenes.
Good movie very much liked the gun fighting
Not bad. Better than I thought, but I could've been a little biased expecting something a little more. Good action although a lot of it is matrix style (no one would fight like that in the real world), not a bad story, acting is not 'Reservoir Dogs' but it's not bad. Definitely a movie that in the past I would have watched high (and thought it would've been b!tch!n), and it would've fit right up there with Beowulf (the one with Christopher Lambert), and Boondock Saints.
All in all not a bad movie if you're lookin to kill some time or to veg-out, but if it's your night off and you're lookin for a great flick to kill the night or a big bugget type of movie, keep lookin and comeback to this one later.
Almost an adaptation of Fahrenheit 451 but with action. Its been a favorite of mine for some years now.
Great flick! Has a George Orwell 1984 feel to it.
What a great movie! A total surprise! Don't know why I never saw it before. 9/10
This movie was such a huge surprise for me, watched it way later. Very cool story and fight scenes. Acting was purposefully robotic so that is kind of a plus (I like robots). 8/10
10/10...........Get The Movie!!!
"Beers and Homies Hookup"!!!!!
"You Won't Want Your Time Back"
Love the Script, Actors and Delivery.
Good Movie liked Christian Bale in this ... to me the movie seem to have a Matrix like feel ... I give it a 7/10
Well why would anyone care about upholding a law if no one cared? Good movie for the action. I enjoyed it 7/10
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