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Epic Movie 2007

A comedic satire of films that are large in scope, reputation and popularity...

Release Date:
January 25, 2007, UTC
86 min
Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer
Kal Penn, David Carradine, Mary Castro, ...
Comedy, Adventure

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Solar rating:6


Imdb rating:2.3



A nice spoof flick of many popular movies, I got some good laughs with this. Thank you uploaders!
For spending time and have some laughs.
Not funny. Not Epic. Not watchable. I lasted 15 min. Pass.
Tremors -- 8.5

The Collector -- 6.5

Claire's Knee -- 9

Nashville -- 8.5

Epic Movie -- 3.5

Why do people insist on making these peice of shit movies. The spoof genre has gone down the hole now with terrible spoof films after another. From the guys who brought us the awful Date movie, Epic movie is basically the same film just spoofing different films. I wish the four other writers of scary movie would have come and help them out write a better and funnier movie. I will say though that i found my self laughing more then i thought i would have. Even though i felt stupid for laughing. This will knock you IQ down a couple of notches so turn off your brains while watching it.

Epic Movie though being completly the same as Date Movie with the media spoofs along side the movies, this time it actually had some funny moments and had characters you could laugh at. I dont think if it wasnt for the shit for brains character they made played by Jayma Mays, this would have been funny at all. She makes the film as good as it could posibly get with the material its given.

The one thing that bugged me in this film is that i understand its supposed to be a spoof and not to be taken to seriously but when you start being cheep with the props and stuff then thats just bad. There were a couple times in this that they didnt even try to make it seem realistic. They would literally show you the manican they were using during the scene and i dont know if they did that intensionally, but it wasnt funny. There is a scene involving fred willard fighting the albino guy from the Da vinci code and they clearly didnt care about the fact that you could tell it was thiner and smaller asien guy fighting. I dont know if that was part of the joke but it wasnt funny. Epic movie doesn't fail like Date movie did but this is with out a doubt a hit and miss comedy. Missing more then anything. You can certanly tell its the beginning of the year again.
Obviously made for comic purposes, 'Epic Movie' is anything but epic. Though it does offer more than a few good laughs, that's about all it does. Yes, I know it's not supposed to have a real plot or great special effects, but it still seemed like a rip-off of the "Scary Movie" series. Albeit it is far better than the infamous "Date Movie", it is far worse than "Scary Movie 4", which was about as good as those movies can get. Maybe the other 4 writers of "Scary Movie" should come back... 4/10
it was good for 2 or 3 small laughs

Poor, poor Crispin. I forgive you, people get desperate sometimes.

Epic Movie Review

Rating: 1.2/10
Rated: PG-13
Starring: Kal Penn, Adam Cambell, Jayma Mays, Crispin Glover, and Jennifer Coolidge
Genre: Comedy/Spoof
My Grade: D-

From the people who brought us the horrendous "Date Movie" comes another crapfest that teenagers from all-around will flock too... just to be grossed out and not even chuckle! "Epic Movie" is just as bad as "Date Movie"... why, I thought it would be funnier I don't know. It just bugs me how so many people will go see this film, but totally ignore jems like "The Fountain" and "Pan's Labyrinth"! This is shit at its worst... and there is nothing funny to be said after walking out of the theatre in shock that you had seen such a horrible film. Like "Date Movie" it starts out with some laughs and begins with alot of energy... than it loses every ounce of hilarity that it had and runs out of anything funny or exciting to say. This is a film that should be strictly "Direct-To-DVD"...

^ Why did I go see this? AH! Cleanse me of my sins!

As most of you already know, when you're in high school, you go to parties. At parties, you go see movies. And, as I explained before, most high schoolers have horrible taste in movies. Which brought me to the painfully awful Epic Movie. It is a mish-mah of references we've all heard a million times before, gangsta rap references that seem much-too over the top, making fun of homosexuals, and all sorts of different races, and basically bastardizing the films it makes fun of. I can't say there was I point I wasn't faking laughing, except maybe their impression of Punk'd. But it hurts to not have seen all the best of 2006 and be going to a movie like this. I don't think anyone was really using their brain at all, save me asking myself, "why am I here seeing this peice of crap?" No story, and bad jokes to replace any trace of storyline with, the worst is yet to come. This has happened to me before, but if you've never been the only one to not like a movie (and I mean the ONLY one), you know how I felt. If that wasn't just the worst, I nmever heard the end of those plagiarized lines ALL NIGHT. And I mean ALL NIGHT. I'm rewarding myself tommorow by seeing a movie I'm sure will be much better, The Fountain. Basically, it gets a one for making me laugh. ONCE.
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