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one of my favorites...classic
One of the most excellent martial arts films ever, not the least because it starred Bruce Lee. He had a definite talent for choreography, even though the film is a bit less than mediocre in all other aspects. Still, for me this is an all-time favorite.
Not quite as good as Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, but still an awesome martial arts flick. Bruce Lee is really incredible to watch, and I wonder if any of today's martial arts icons could match him.
It's a little bit too cheesy, and I don't understand why they dubbed teh film, considering all of the actors spoke english, but nevertheless, an entertaining ride.
Had RT made the "lists" capable of going past 100, this would be my 101.

Pro: Lee!!! The kung-fu action. The zooms. The pans. Saxon. The hall of mirrors. The flashbacks. The fun sound effects.

Con: A cobra that sounds like a rattlesnake? Come isn't the hardest film to make.
Enter the Dragon
even though i still haven't seen all (of the few) films that Bruce Lee made, i'm pretty confident that Enter the Dragon is the only one that's truly good. surely it has problems with poor dubbing, but at least it's not anywhere near as bad as it is in his other films.. but in a way, some of the charm of these films is their poor dubbing. a childhood favorite, Enter the Dragon is still very entertaining. the story isn't really anything to write home about, but it does have its fair share of excellent action set pieces, a very decent villain and of course Bruce Lee at the very top of his game. it also features one of the most memorable final showdowns in the history of action films and that's of course the infamous mirror room duel. if you've never seen a Bruce Lee film before and would at least want to see one before you die, this is most definitely the one to see. what are you waiting for? chop-chopThe Birdcage
i don't know if this film is considered insulting for playing on the usual stereotypes of gay men but i have to say i find it absolutely hilarious, and it's mostly because of one man, Nathan Lane. here he plays the "woman" in the couple, opposite a surprisingly restrained Robin Williams and he's absolutely hysterical in every sense of the word. the whole sequence of Williams teaching Lane to be a man's man is a riot! Lane's got a good cast with him though, including a very funny Hank Azaria as a Latin American maid, previously mentioned Robin Williams and also Gene Hackman and Diane Wiest who plays the conservative parents of the girl Williams' son wants to marry. all of them together, with the terrific screenplay is a match made in heaven, really. so sure it plays on some heavy stereotypes, but i think most straight and gay finds Lane absolutely hilarious in this film. why wasn't he nominated for an Oscar?
Watched Enter the Dragon for the first time today. This is the first Bruce Lee movie I have seen, and I enjoyed it. The action scenes were pretty enjoyable, especially towards the end of the film. The choreography isn't as enjoyable and insane as some movies like Iron Monkey and Crouching Tiger, but this movie is a lot more realistic than those. There was also a few slow moments that sorta bored me, but not many. Bruce Lee is a bad ass, and I would like to see more of him. Good film.

(Since I have many reviews to write, a quick summary and opinion will be made for each film.)

*** / *****

Besides a slight drop in my rating (1/4 of a star), I still concur with every word of my previous review:

Intense, suspensful, and intriquing. Visually, this anime film is near perfection. The storyline captured my interest almost immediately, and, I was highly entertained throughout the entire film, which is a rarity. The plot twist was incredibly clever, never expected it.

Well Come...........
Who kicks more ass than Bruce Lee. No one. And where does Bruce Lee kick the most ass. Enter the Dragon. Nothing more to say
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