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Ender's Game 2013

Young Ender Wiggin is recruited by the International Military to lead the fight against the Formics, a genocidal alien race which nearly annihilated the human race in a previous invasion...

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Imdb rating: 6.7

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Now I really (really!) want a sequel .
I loved this movie - did not know there are books on this - hope they do more
Defin. Not one of HF's best but ...overall it was ok
@LSG I too craving for sequel.Want to know what happens next.
Much better than I expected. I would be pleased if they continued with the sequel.
It's an entertaining movie with great effects, decent acting and a decent story.
Pretty cool. But way to close to the book. I think they should have added something new.
Great movie though, 7/10
It seems pretty straightforward to me, based on comments here and elsewhere: If you want to watch this movie based on the trailer, chances are you'll love it. If you think the trailer seems weird, probably best to steer clear. I'm in the latter group. I had to turn it off after 30-40 minutes. Kept waiting for it to actually begin (not a fan of the child soldier concept either). Having said that, lots of people seem to really like it.
meh, i felt it to be a little homoerotic movie for some reason.
I very much enjoyed this.
Pretty interesting.
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