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I really liked the way they made this film. Fine entertainment and one of Jake Gyllenhaal's best.
Good movie, 2nd time watching. I'm usually first in line to post police brutality vids, this is from the other side of the coin, and when you see it portrayed like this it makes you pause for a second and think.
Not bad. Good action. Good acting on the part of Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña. Not a fan of the 'documentary'/'found footage' style of movie, as a matter of fact I hate it, but this wasn't a bad movie. Not one of my top picks but better than average.

One thing this movie did do was make me realize how much paranoia a cop must go through to realize everyday he goes to work anyone can be gunning for him or that he might be walking into an ambush. Heavy stuff. Still not an excuse to act like a total dick, but heavy stuff nonetheless.
Really good movie. I almost turned it off when the first gangsters scenes came up, they were stupid. BUT it turned into an awesome watch. Some car chases, shoot outs, humour. Definitely recommend a watch. 8/10 :-)
Sorry, make that, Gyllenhaal
Just saw 'Nightcrawlers'. Is this a prequel? So many parallels to Gyllandhal's characters...
Best movie 11/10
If you haven't seen it. Your missing out. Good movie 8.5 /10
Not sure why I put off watching this, perhaps it was the documentary-style description but if anything it made this even more realistic. Its simply brilliant, great script and the two lead actors were excellent. Can't really find a fault with this so it gets a 10/10 from me.
Whenever that one gang member was in a scene, I just wanted to punch him for dropping an "F-bomb" as every other word in his sentences. I couldn't even understand him it was just so excessive. But, let's be honest; his overuse of the "F-bomb" every two words isn't uncommon in everyday life.
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