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Enchanted 2007

A princess, who is prepared to be wed, is sent away to New York by an evil queen, where she falls in love with a lawyer...

Release Date:
November 21, 2007
107 min
Kevin Lima
John Farrer, Luis Salgado, Jeff Bennett, ...
Comedy, Musical, Romance, ...

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Solar rating: 7.6


Imdb rating: 7.2

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first time i see this movie...quite funny..
so great movie.
It's the type of film mainly small children, who their parents buy expensive Disney toys & whatnot, would like.
I hoped it would be more of a parody of these type of movies -trying to convince myself for a moment that Disney would allow it- and found it to be a bit boring and awkward.

The cast didn't have room to show their full potentials for us to enjoy -including Adams who was ideal for the role- and the story was much less interesting than expected. Also, because of all that, I caught myself getting a bit frustrated that young kids will fall in the trap of pink princesses and true love -after a day of meeting- and blah blah glitter stereotypes.

Just a Disney movie to earn some cash and brainwash their future young customers. Nothing to see here, move along.
a very nice message from this movie -->>>>> LOVE IS THE POWERFUL MAGIC.
This movie is great, its fun and sweet, mixes reality with fantasy.. very recommendable for well honestly all ages if you like a laugh and to feel good :-) Great family film!

also has the one who voiced the mermaid ariel.jodi benson.

this movie is pure enchantment.great for the kids and families.also some bits added that are from other animated films.example:snow white.

Another atempt by disney to try and regain its popularity. Disney needs to create another classic like The Sword in the Stone, or Beauty and the Beast.
"As the end draws near, "the place where there are no happily ever afters" is destined for a predictably happy ending."

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Starring Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, Susan Sarandon, and Idina Menzel.
Directed by Kevin Lima. (A Goofy Movie, Tarzan, and 102 Dalmatians)
Rated PG.

"Enchanted" is for people who love Disney movies or Amy Adams. It's a very fun movie for the holidays and I can't wait to see it again! I was very happy through out the whole show! Go Amy Adams
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