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Don't really know what to say.. it was a cute movie. Loved Ren
this is a great movie. i can watch this movie a million times. it has a really great soundtrack, supercool characters, and who wouldn't want to work in a record store. allan moyle captures what it's like to be part of my generation, the last of 'gen x.' he understands the importance that music has in this generation's life which is also shown in his earlier film 'pump up the volume.'
So here's the disclaimer...I have actually seen this movie...and as hard as it's going to be for me to not just write the opposite of what Greg said, I am acutally going to attempt to review this to the best of my half-assed ability.

Empire Records is one of my favorite movies ever. It has a very simple story line that is enjoyable and entertaining. But the most important thing is that it actually defines all of the characters in it, very rarely does a movie go into such details with characters.

So basically the movie is about a guy who like steals money (Joe's money, lot's of money) takes it to Atlantic City and blows it all. Then it's a bunch of crazy people, doing crazy things, and then they have a crazy party at the end and everyone is happy...YAY

The only disapointment in this movie is when Liv Tyler undresses and isn't wearing a matching bra and panties...what up wit dat?

But that minor blimish is more than made up for when Renee Zelwegger dances in the sexy orange apron. What is that you say? That sounds similar to something you read in Greg's review? Well guess what. Before we even watched the movie I told him it was the best part. So it was my favorite part before he had ever even seen it, so despite that he wrote it first I thought it first so I should be given complete credit for it.
Sitting here now, I really don't know how to describe my feeling when it comes to Empire Records. The movie has some incredibly funny points, and I always enjoy Liv Tyler. The storyline is decent, and movies along at a pretty good clip as we get to explore the relationship of a group of record store employees and their boss. The whole situation with Warren is freakin' priceless. However, it didn't overwhelm me, and I just don't get Anthony LaPaglia as a record store owner...
I saw Empire Records ages and ages ago and thought it was pretty good, if i could have any job in the world it would be there, haha.. my ultimate dream is to own a store like that for sure..

Empire Records: firstly what does it have going for it.. great cast, humour and music.. whats not so good.. the flow of the plot, it jumps from character to character too quickly.. with a more steady plot it would have gotten a much higher rating, but overall a good movie if you dont have high expectations.. soo whats it about.. well a record store and its employee's.. each character having there own dilema to overcome, and ending all beautifully tied up in a pretty little bow.. if you liked this movie, check out garage days.. its heaps better, and if your an aussie you'll love the music in it too.

totally loving the new manson song.. had it in my head all day, been singing it over the dt headsets to the staff all day too.. nice stuff
I love this movie. It is my favorite movie of all time. It is the sort of movie where you either love it or you hate it.
My adled mind has been jarred by an old song from one of my favorite movies: Empire Records. The song is of no consequence since I don't know the name of either the song or the artist.
Back in 1995 I saw this movie...I was still in Jr. High! :eek: Back then I was in love with Ethan Embry (don't ask me why cause I don't remember) and I saw his smiling face on the cover of the VHS copy at the rental place. I gave it a chance and watched it. Then when it was over I popped it back in and watched it again. Yes I loved it...actually I still love it.
Now that I am older I can see its faults and in some parts I find myself cringing because of its cliches and redundancies. I will name a few outright cliches:
-abused teens in search for some guidance
-teens that are corrupted by drugs
-teen whore who has a heart of gold
-emasculated guys who fawn over the girls
-financial woes are remedied by a trip to the casino and a blow out sale!
-in the retail world Adults can relate to and support their adolescent staff
-old pervert brings friends closer together
-friends shouldn't share their guys...:o
Having stated all of these faults you may ask why I still love the movie? I would think that the above mentioned list reveals the basic and clever formulaic drama that is excercised in most hollywood fodder. The movie is merely an episode of a Soap Opera. It is addictive in its choice cast and undermining themes. The movie is trying to manipulate a viewer...searching for some aspect that will appeal to its audience-and I am absolutely hooked.
With a catchy soundtrack, attractive cast of up-and-comers (Renee Zellweger, Liv Tyler & Anthony LaPaglia) and cheesetastic narrative; how could I not love this movie! :D

*Having explored my pervasive love for the movie my headache has gone!*

i cant put my finger on it.. but there is something about this film that makes me come back to it again and again.. i never tire of watching it.. it is quite simply fantastic.
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