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Elysium 2013

In the year 2154, the very wealthy live on a man-made space station while the rest of the population resides on a ruined Earth. A man takes on a mission that could bring equality to the polarized worlds...

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Quite possibly the worst big budget science fiction movie since Battlefield Earth. Elysium is to Matt Damon what Garfield was to Bill Murray.

@pewpewlaserbeams Right wing, left wing and neither is able to lift you up above political labels.

Also...I've never considered "normal" to be an overly complimentary term. ;-)
underated movie, if your a right winger you will hate it, if you are a normal person you will love it.
@BenRafael agreed. also way too many plot holes. if people want to get to Elysium, why not work as Maids, Chefs, Landscaping, Nanny's, Teachers, Construction and Maintenance, or the thousands of other support jobs that would be required to keep everything running. Why wouldn't the people on earth revolt?, Is nobody smart enough to duplicate the magic healing machine and make a killing on the black market?, if the healing machines are made on earth, why not steal one?, why wouldn't some entrepreneur buy one and start a clinic?, makes zero sense.
Couldn't watch much, definitely had to stop. The constant social justice theme was like getting hit by the film maker with a hammer. Not much subtly, not much craft.
Soooo... NONE OF THESE HAVE SUBTITLES? what the serious frack man! like seriously, what is wrong with people? how hard is it to encode your DVD with the subtitles intact. Absolutely Useless. Useless to english speakers because literally the most important part of the whole movie in Spanish. and Useless to Latinos because they would just watch a Spanish DUB, with the entire movie in Spanish.

I dont want to live on this planet anymore. i pray to god Elysium comes true in this century.
pretty good film, if you like films like district 9 you will like this one 9/10 for me.
more literal machine-man low cast heroes fighting our future, hummmm, passsss
Great story...Great movie.
People complaining about this movie having no subs for the spanish parts are funny.
Anyway, great movie. I wanted to watch it because I thought it held some relation with Pandorum, came to realize it doesn't but not because of that it's bad. I found it quite good. Only thing I really disliked was the awfully shakey camera.
Didn't check ALL the links, but I scrolled down to some of the recent ones and the vodlocker link from Marina2000 has subtitles and has fantastic resolution! :)
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