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Edward Scissorhands 1990

An uncommonly gentle young man, who happens to have scissors for hands, falls in love with a beautiful girl...

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My fav one.
None of these would play for me am I doing something wrong?
@INDIO88 Lol I like the movie but your comment takes the cake. "lather-fetish-hardcore-porno" You, sir, are awesome. Hahaha
The best Tim Burton and Johnny Depp combo movie. The sets and visuals are so imaginative. Alan Arkin ,Dianne Wiest and Vincent Price are perfect in these roles. The whole casting was wonderful except for winona Ryder ,who IMO always acts in the same deadpan way,even tho this character is written as deadpan,Ryder is still unbelievable. She was in a relationship with Depp at the time of filming, most likely how she got cast. Burton believes strongly in nepotism
I was just a kid, probably 7 years old, when I was first watched it. All kinds of imagination went through after watching it. lol
Loved it!
Well, that's a bit strange... What am I doing here??
Okay, I want to create this journal to a Tim Burton fan Journal... I pretend that it won't work... ;)

So fine... I've added some ratings.
I'm so it was my "pratics"'s the day when we go the workshops and actualy work in a certain area....i've been in stonework and now i'm in metal work (btw's coming out great....when i'm done with it i'll post a picture of it if youy want to see it:D ) my fingeres crave the letteres on the metal you have to press really hard on the chisel and at the end of the day it hurts like hell

And that's day was spent craving and hamering and melting pitch ( i dunno if this is the word but what i meant was this thing you put betwen the metal and the stone so that the metal does not break when you're craving).........And now i've bored you to death

A totally doferent you guys belive in fate???
Hey, look I do have time to post today! :D lol, well I went shopping! I didn't buy too much tho. Bought Edward Scissorhands on dvd and the RotK soundtrack, even tho I havn't heard the music, I know I'm going to like it! lol I went to Bulid a Bear and built a raindeer it's so cute! I named it Rocket heehee, I then went to Hot Topic and bought 4 new pairs of shoelaces: Cherries, red with white poka dots, black and white checkerboard, and ones with the Jolly Roger on them And a patch with Charlie Brown in a baseball hat with 'All Star' below him. I also bought a button with Charlie Brown dressed as a pirate, the one that says 'a pirates life for me' on it, one with Rosie the Riviter saying 'Chicks kick ass' and another Legolas one! I bought 3 of my firends a Hot Topic giftcard and that's it... lol OH!!! Target had a lil display for PotC dvd just a lil title card (which I want) and two side slot cards (which I want also!) lol.

Okay, so I watch Edward Scissorhands last night, and I cried, but not as much as I did the first time I saw it. I love this movie! It's so sweet And Johnny plays Edward so well One of my fav parts is the waterbed, you know when he first sees it and he pokes it and then puts the lil stuffed animal over the hole! I LOVE that part heehee. Okay so most of you have seen this movie don't need to really convince you to watch it... lol but I really do like this movie! And Tim Burton has a really unique style Which is a really cool style! And Danny Elfman did the music, which is so great! I forgot how good the music really is in that movie, so the soundtrack is being added to my Christmas list

Well I have to go pack for my dad's... ::sigh:: I won't be on tomorrow, but I'll be back on Sunday evening! OMG they're bringing Lyon's Den back So be sure and watch it Sunday night at ten Savvy? No School Monday! And then it's December 2nd!!! WOO HOO!!!!! ::runs around screaming:: talk to yall on Sunday! ~Audrey

as of tomorrow
3 days until PotC WOO HOO
18 days until RotK
170 days until Troy
hey will be into the 160s! lol

Funny, heartfelt, and haunting. Tim Burton's vivid imagination is on full display here as he paints a wonderfully fantastic suburban fantasy, with help of production designer Bo Welch. Johnny Depp is truly great in the title role, playing the character with some grounded reality and not overly over-the-top. Danny Elfman's score is nothing short of legendary, quite possibly the best of his career. The movie does a have few flaws, mainly the runtime of this film is just 89 Minutes and many key story aspects are underdeveloped and seemingly rushed, if this move had been about 15-20 minutes longer it might be an all-time classic, but for now it will just have to settle with being a very good and highly enjoyable film.
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