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Dune 1984

A Duke's son leads desert warriors against the galactic emperor and his father's evil nemesis when they assassinate his father and free their desert world from the emperor's rule...

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Solar rating:8.4


Imdb rating:6.6



Probably, one of my top 5 favorite movies ever, and possibly my favorite. I like how many of the thoughts of the characters are projected into the movie.
still a good movie after all this time its been arnd
I don't have a favourite movie, but I sure have seen that one more often than any other.
i wish Lynch was directing the new Star Wars, i know this movie isn't perfect, but i like the look and scale of it.

still a decent watch ;)
This was before Patrick Stewart played Picard, and he's actually a shakespearian actor.

And once again I say unto all of you people, if you liked this film then watch the Sci-Fi channel version, which I believe can be found on this site. It was ... I think a 3 part mini series, and has way more story in it than this version. Both are good, but I actually like the Sci-Fi channel version better. Now that there is definitely not something that happens very often.
"What you readin' for?"

That's Bill Hicks....
Dammit, you stumped me...
"What you readin' for?" :-D
Remember Hicks? ''Well, well...looks like we've got ourselves a reader.''
Thank you. Don't worry, I have a faithful following. Haha x
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