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Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd 2003

Set back in the 80s when Harry met Lloyd in high school where they cross paths with a mean principal and a bunch of other outcasts much like themselves...

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Everyone who commented underneath me, you're all massive tools.

So I goes out today and I rent Dumb and Dumberer, the prequel to Dumb and Dumber. It goes to say, if this is a prequel, why is it Dumberer than Dumb and Dumber? Does that mean Harry and Lloyd got smarter between the prequel and original?

Needless to say, this movie is just a waste of time. Despite having one or two nearly inspired bits and a couple of really talented kids almost pulling off Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, this movie relies on a witless script full of dumb jokes and knock offs of the first movie.

Once I get off my ass and write up the reviews I'm behind on, I'll post them here.
I'm sitting here, staring blankly at either the computer screen or the TV screen. Doing nothing. I haven't updated on my life, it goes!

Friday - Nothing great happened. I went over to my friend's house for supper and then she, along with another friend came over and we watched Dumb and Dumberer. We were all really tired, so we mostly layed there, blankly staring at the screen...*yawn*

Saturday - I went shopping and finished off buying Christmas presents for my friends. I'm not quite finished for my family though. Still have my mom and big brother to buy for. And I'm broke. BAH! I don't like not having money. :( Anywho, then I went to my friend's house and we wrapped up the presents. (We combined our money to buy presents for some friends) Then I came home...and watched Charlie Brown's Christmas.

Sunday - Did nothing. Woke up at about 1 pm, then moved from the couch to the computer to outside to the computer to the couch and now back to the computer. Woohoo! I'm watching Swordfish too. HUGH JACKMAN! Yummy! He's awesome!

Well...that's been my weekend. Productive, eh? Hmm...I wonder if I remembered to eat 14 in my Countdown to Christmas calendar...

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It was funny but not as funny as it could be but I must go Capt. Rob and I are playing hide and go seek.
Unfunny and insulting - a pretty lethal combination. Just in case you're thinking that I'm not the intended audience for this type of movie, I love the first film. This one is just not funny. It's sad because everyone in the film is trying desperately to make you laugh, but none of the jokes work at all. Some of it, in particular, the ones involving an asian girl is just plain insulting. Her name is "Ching Chong." There's actually a scene where the leads talk to her like this: "Ching chong, chong yong, CHING CHONG, YONG, yong, ying, ching!" How anyone can think that that's actually funny and not insulting is beyond me. If I ever meet the writer and/or director, I'll give each/both of them a really, really good beat-down. And I wouldn't even let them know why afterwards.
No where as good as the original. Very few laughs. This prequel just doesn't live up to dumb and dumber. Its not even close. Dumb and Dumber was one of my favorite movies. The comedy feels way too forced in this film and it doesn't really fit in with the original.
Not funny. Not worth seeing. Enough said.

:fresh: The fact that this movie works at all says a lot about the two guys standing in for Carey and Daniels. I had no desire to see this, but a friend of mine said it was better than you expect, so I gave it a shot. Nowhere near as good as the first one, but a valiant effort.
Really, they should of left the first one as it was without a pre-qual, the first one was a great movie with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniel's great comedic acting. This movie made the first one look like a masterpiece.
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