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Dude, Where's My Car? 2000

Two potheads wake up after a night of partying and cannot remember where they parked their car...

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Definitely a cult classic...corny but it has its moments.
That was my favorite movie ever!!:fresh:

Dude, Where's My Car? (2000)

This movie was about as stupid as it sounds. It was actually at least semi-funny until about halfway through when aliens started getting involved in the plot. Honestly, the first half still sucked but it was tolerable but the second has was unbearable.
This movie has two words for it, "Dude!", and "Sweet!"
My older sister got me hooked on this movie, and I could just watch it over and over again, I got this movie for her for Christmas last year. If you liked Dumb and Dumber, Dumb and Dumberer, or Napolean Dynamite, then you should certainly like this movie also
I saw this twice in theaters. If your in the mood for a lighthearted comedy that truely started a huge sensation this is it. I am a little biest though because Ashton is my idol but still This movie is the best.
It's one of those dumbass comedies except it's one where 90% of the jokes fall embarrassingly flat. Even so bad that they're embarrassing for a 12 year old boy (which is the age I saw this at I believe).

Funny!!! :up:

7/10 :fresh:

Jesse and Chester are a couple of stoner adolescence that are party animals. After one crazy night of partying, they awake with no knowledge of what occurred the previous evening. They come to the realization that today is their anniversary, and their gifts for the "twins" are in the car. When they step outside to obtain their girlfriend's gifts their car is nowhere to be found. The adventure begins of Chester and Jesse tracing the events from the previous evening to recover their missing car.

"Oh yeah, this is how blind people shake hands."

Danny Leiner, director of Harold & Kumar go to White Castle and episodes of the Sopranos, Arrested Development, The Tick, the Gilmore Girls, and Felicity, directs Dude, where's my car? The storyline is simple but not strait line. Several diversions and unexpected characters really add to the basic plot. The cast was also well selected, including Ashton Kutcher, Seann William Scott, Kristy Swanson, Andy Dick, and Jennifer Garner. The soundtrack in this film is solid.

"Chimpanzees often use crude sticks as tools."

Peeing in the plant, hand caught on the wrong side of the glass, the interrogation scene, Jackyl the smoking dog, the "and then" scene, the Fabio scene, "they're offering us oral pleasures" conversation, and the kids walking through with the continuum transfunctioner were my favorite portions of the film. The super hot giant alien was the most disappointing portion of the film.

"I'm a gender challenged male."

Dude, where's my car is a better then advertised comedy. I always felt this was an underrated film. It is better then Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, Road Trip, and Euro Trip. These were the perfect roles for Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott. I also felt the characters of Nelson and Tommy were portrayed well. Fans of the first two American Pie films as well as Animal House, despite this film falling short of all three, will at least enjoy this film.

"Trespassers will be castrated (balls cut off)"

Grade: B-
This was a good movie. It had some really funny parts (the recurring Seann William Scott "dream" gag, the way the gay guys talked, the space geeks), and some parts that left you wondering "What the heck were they thinking?" But, it was just barely above roten. If i could i would give it a 5.5, but I can't. So, that wraps it up for this movie!
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