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Dream a Little Dream 1989

An accident puts the consciousness of an elderly dream researcher into the body of a bratty teenager. The problem? The kid prefers dreamworld limbo to real life...

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Imdb rating: 5.8



@moviefreak2000 thanks for seeing the same thing I saw.. I thought this film was awesome.. I watch this when it first came out & I can remember thinking how cool the plot was..
This is a great movie!! Bobby is in love with is friend's girlfriend, he doesn't do well in school, and his parents barely speak to him. Then his neighbors down the street are doing an experiment and his neighbor becomes trapped in his body.
I've seen some really bad movies in my life. I mean REALLY BAD movies. I'm not talking kind of bad, I'm talking wretched. Mediocre is a step up for these sorry wastes of film. I guess the mindlessly unfunny "The Burbs" is the best of this bad lot. People sometimes forget that everything Tom Hanks is in doesn't turn to gold. He's been in some wretched films like this one. And what was Clint Eastwood thinking with this awful film? Corey Haim plus Corey Feldman equals zero. Sylvester Stallone proves once again that he can't act. And Gross Anatomy was grossly unfunny.

The combined score of these five films is four. The combined hours of your life that you will never get back is nine.

I will not be ever be embarrassed to love this movie. I don't know what it is about it. Maybe it was that Corey Feldman and myself shared a mutual love/obsession for Michael Jackson...perhaps it was my old crush on Feldman that made me fall in love with this movie...I don't know. And, I don't care. All I know is this movie, this cinematic weirdness that is Dream A Little Dream makes me happy. I nearly wore out the VHS my brother bought me years ago, then when I got my first DVD player he bought me the DVD and I have watched it so many times I am actually embarrassed to think about anymore, so...I'll keep that one to myself.
If you haven't actually watched the entire movie and you are calling it crap, then you suck. Watch the entire damn thing before you judge, you movie snobs. I'll make a deal with you...You guys watch the entire movie, and I will admit this:
DREAM A LITTLE DREAM 2 was almost the worst movie I have ever seen in my life. I am talking crap. I mean, if someone told me I had to watch that movie again right now, I might just fake a heart attack to get out of it. The only thing I can think that even resembled anything good about it was Corey Haim getting a bigger role. In the movie, the Coreys (Bobby and Dinger) live with Dinger's sister. This movie came out in 1994 and the first came out in 1989. You wouldn't have thought it could all turn to crap so fast...

(Lainie Diamond sounds like a porn star.)
Utter Poop!
Anyone says that Corey Feldman and Corey Haim are decent actos I point to this film. Some of the worst acting I have ever seen. Just thinking about this movie makes me laugh on how bad it is made. 1 point goes to Coery Feldman in his Michael Jackson inspired dance and clothing and trying woo a girl. One of the funniest scenes I have ever seen.
I love this movie. I do not know why. It probably isn't great and Corey Feldman acts like Michael Jackson through the entire thing, but still I love it. It's as good as any other cheesy high school romance.
Kind of a strange storyline to this movie. I had to watch it a few times to fully understand it, so not a very easy movie to watch but it's got the Corey's being themselves. They work so well together on screen, their acting has never been all that great but the chemistry between them makes the movie fun to watch and gives it a comfort level.
I see that many people find the movie hard to follow, which is strange because I was able to follow it just fine the first time I saw it when I was about 12 years old.

This is a sometimes sweet, sometimes melancholy story that shows the frustrations of teenagers at dealing with adults who either ignore them, like Bobby's parents, or treat them as young children, as Lanie's mother does. Add this to dealing with social dynamics in high school and life is pretty rough for your average teen. Now toss in a metaphysical generational body swap, different from almost any of the genre, and you have an engaging romance between two couples.

I love this movie.
I don't get how people can say this film isn't good as I love it! Maybe its because I am a big Corey Haim/Feldman fan I am a little biased but this has to be one of their classics. When I was younger and saw it I found it hard to follow but I came back to it a few weeks ago and of course it was a lot easier to follow! (I was shocked I knew all the wordsstill lol) The soundtrack is amazing and I have played it through a lot of my life. There will never be another corey haim/feldman and this film shows them at their best good looking great actors who have always been apart of my life. Watch it and see what a wonderful story this really is.
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