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Dragonball: Evolution 2009

a.k.a. "Dragonball Evolution"

The young warrior Son Goku sets out on a quest, racing against time and the vengeful King Piccolo, to collect a set of seven magical orbs that will grant their wielder unlimited power...

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Imdb rating: 2.8

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Utter Rubbish
well i hope they try again and harder the next time around if there is one
This movie made me cry and not in a good way. 2/10
Quite disappointing really :/
This was not even based of the DBZ series. If you knew anything at all, you would know this movie was based off the original series DragonBall. This movie stuck to almost pretty much every aspect of the show. 8/10
The cartoon now a movie they dont know weather to make ittvegita's coming or king piccilo.
During a trip to the mall I chanced to see a preview of the movie, Dragonball. In it, Goku (of course the main character) and his master were real amazing as was the rest of the cast members. Can't wait for it out in theatres.
Ive seen the thrillers in many streaming videos. Then i found out that
characters are not good and doesn't fit in the story. Guko must be
an Asian and not American, aah screw that character.

I saw the thriller and its not that much good effects. Its suppose to
be a wholesome. Many Asians don't like the movie. I guaranteed they
will watch and give bad critics. Sometimes i realize that the movie
was affected in American crisis..
Alright, so Hollywood decided to ruin another decent piece of society once again. I have been a fan of the Dragonball series (including Z and GT also) since they first started airing them here in the states. I am disgusted with this garbage. Casting for this movie looks horrible. Piccolo looks like a joke. Goku's hair looks like a reject from the hairdresser that did Twilights Edward. Master Roshi doesn't appear to have any of the physical traits that made him hilarious. And to top all of that off, If I can remember right, didn't the Nemeckians create the dragonballs in the first place? I don't believe their were "7 ancient warriors". This movie is going to tank. It will let long time fans of the series disappointed and angry, on top of turning away others who have never read the original manga or seen the animated shows. Hollywood should have left this series alone. The video games and reissues on DVD are enough to honor the series. This movie drags it in the mud.
i saw the trailer when i went to see the pink panther 2 the other, my brother will certainly be interested, my parents would like to see it.
and i think it has caught my eyes too.
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