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Dracula 2000 2000

A group of thieves break into a chamber expecting to find paintings, but instead they release the count himself, who travels to New Orleans to find his nemesis' daughter, Mary Van Helsing...

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dracula 2000 - nathan filion as a (non-evil) priest. cuz he's everywhere. except on angel. that was lindsay (thank you, elizabeth, see how lost i'd be without you?)

and they're making free enterprise 2. omg. elizabeth, i may have to hie my ass out to l.a. again. just so you know.

and for the record, it's
Back it up, na
Bump ya ramp, na
Grab my waist, na
Work it out, na
Grab my shoulder
Pick it up, na
Take it lower
To the floor, na

let's get crunk wit' britney. oh yeah.
:up: Dracula 2000 is another thrilling West Craven vampire hit.

A good vampire movie is not easy find. Most vampire films are fake and unconvincing. However, Dracula 2000 is not one of those movies. While it may not be the best supernatural vampire movie ever created, it definitly fits in the top ten best horror film list. Most of the cast are new comers to the big screen, but they are all very talented and fit their parts well. Gerard Butler is the best Dracula since Frank Langella. He has an amazing sexy and seductive quality to him. It's almost as if Gerard Butler was born to play Dracula. While the movie does have a few sceens that are slightly exaggerated and a tad unrealistic, they go by so fast the film is not ruined. Most of Dracula 2000 is believable and well acted for a supernatural thriller. It shows the cast will go on to bigger and better things. The skript is cleverly written, which makes it one of history's best vampire films. :fresh:
So I'm sitting here on my mom's laptop, because my computer still isn't working. I'm actually okay with the lack of phone and computer lately, because it gives me an excuse to not talk to anyone and be a homebody for a week. There was a forty-foot tree in my yard that snapped in half...luckily towards the driveway and not into my bedroom window! Other than that and a couple of missing shingles, the house is fine and so are we, and that's all that matters! It's just weird to drive around and see all these screens and fences and trees down, and street lights out, and the power at the shopping center out, and long lines to the gas just feels creepily post-apocolyptic. But it could be much worse, so I'm grateful it wasn't.

Mom was home this week anyway (today's her birthday!), so it was nice to sit around with my parents, lounging and napping and watching movies. Mom got an urge to watch scary movies, and I love vampire flicks, so we've been watching the classics...tomorrow it will be Bram Stoker's Dracula, where the scariest thing in the film is Keanu's accent.

I love Dracula 2000, because it is THE coolest twist on the Dracula story EVER. Between that, and Gerard Butler's hair/sexiness, and Johnny Lee Miller's great accent, and the sex on the ceiling, and the Van Helsing thing, and the cleverness (Simon? Mary?), it should garner a 10. However, it gets a 9 1/2 :fresh: s because of some gore I didn't find necessary, and some of the less-than-stellar acting by Vitamin C. Otherwise it's quite funny, and worth it just for the ending. SO COOL.

Interview with the Vampire was cool, and Brad and Tom were muy adorable as vamps, and I could actually tolerate Kirsten Dunst as a child. But the thing with the story, and the script (Anne Rice), is that they take themselves waaay too seriously. When it comes to vampires, a little humor is necessary, or you end up having something too serious for its own good. So it was fun, and the ending is hella cool (Sympathy for the Devil, great choice), but not my favorite.

Well I'm off to bake birthday cake, nice to see everyone again. I'll be back, sometime. :-)
It's been a while, no? ;)

Lots of movies that I have seen; sadly, they won't all fit. Those are the highlights.

I'm moving back to school tomorrow, so I probably won't be on for a while. (Yay for school!)

The books that the Master and Commander movie was based off of are really good. I managed to read three in about a week and a half. Patrick O'Brien wrote them, and I highly recommend them if you're in to historical fiction. I've definitely learned a lot about sailing.

There's probably more that I can't think of right now, but I'll write about it later if I remember. Back to packing...

Man I have a lot of junk!!!
This movie was actually well thought out, and though I REALLY hated the "fabio" image of Dracula, and I also despise most Vamp movies, this one wasn't the worst I've had to sit through. Some of the acting in the movie should have improved, instead of hair product for Dracula, but to each his own. The effects were kind of behind the times for this one though, and the drawn out scenes could have easily been avoided. The storyline for this one was an honest attempt though, and I appreciated that, even though I spend most of my time bashing it. Maybe I'm just in denial... Nah, I'm not, this movie was semi-interesting. Don't buy it, rent it.

i liked this movie because you have to remember they were trying something new and Dracula has been done so many times that they had to try something new. And if you guys/girls/whoever dont like it then you make a good Dracula movie.
Kind of a Gerry Weekend this weekend. I rented Dracula 2000 and watched it last night. And today my Mum and I saw Dear Frankie.

Dracula 2000 4/10 :rotten:
"Never ever fuck with an antiques dealer!"
Yes, it was terrible. I can't believe I actually watched it, but it was worth it because Gerry makes one hell of a good vampire. I would not suggest this movie...unless you are a hard-core tart aka a major Gerry fangirl. Ahem.
Dracula 2000: 3/10

I'd say this was fairly well done, not bad for vampire flicks. An original 'vampire origin' for once. Christopher Plummer is a good Van Helsing, but sadly he gets fried early on in the film. The male vampire-hunter character is dull, the female daughter of Van Helsing is okay, but a bit of overacting. The vampire characters don't seem to fit the rest of the plot, and are more like characters out of a Blade flick, which seems to make this movie drag on, because of the central Dracula plot. Higher production value than expected. Ultimately this is suprisingly better than expected, with some decent vampire hunter tricks and a fairly decent ending. They left no way out, and I can see why none of the actors wanted to return in the sequel, it was good enough on its own, even if Christopher Plummer got killed rather quickly for no particular reason other than they needed him to disappear from the plot for no reason. This is a fairly decent addition to the register of vampire flicks as it does add yet another bit of thought and does actually come out of the Montague Summers books on the history of vampires. If you like vampire fims, this is one you should definitely see, no terribly worse than Francis Ford Coppola's overproduced high-priced star studded redux.

Some vampire rehash: spoilers..........

Van Helsing is infected by dracula's blood, is semi-immortal.
Dracula is actually Judas, has a curse of living death on him by God. Van Helsing's daughter is actually Dracula's daughter through some trick of Dracula's by banging old lady Van Helsing who does not appear in the film.
Vampires die in sunlight, with silver and stakes. They have no reflections in mirrors, cameras, etc. I don't recall if there was any mention of garlic.
If you get bit or infected you have a limited time to stop yourself from becoming a full time vampire. Kill Dracula/Judas or rather break the curse/kill him and release the vampire curse/spell. Which is unnfortunate for the vamps who get hacked up, then again, they seemed to enjoy the murders they carried out. Van Helsing's super guarded building houses the silver coffin of dracula's body, which is full of skulls of vampires for some reason...aparently their bodies don't fully disentegrate, or disintegrate all the time. While the crosses are symbolic, and usually have knives and spikes that pop out of them, generally, Dracula and vampires aren't necessarily 'effected' by them, they don't particularly like them, but they don't cower in some sort of supernatural effect like the exorcist as I recall.
Dracula is the 'neogoth' form of Dracula, like Valek from John Carpenter's Vampires, long hair, cassock and black boots, no capes or tuxedos or anything here...the vampires are generally arrogant pricks acting like thugs on PCP...the kind of gang from the BLADE TRILOGY...or LOST BOYS.

The vampire hunters in this film are Van Helsing, his trusty servant and water-boy, who falls in love with Van Helsing's very british daughter who you thought was going to turn out to be a lesbian at the beginning.

Thorughout the movie, like every ten minutes is the logo for Virgin, logos, airplanes, music stores, was clever at first to have the 'virgin' working at the record store...but it gets old and stale after the 10th freaking time and the 11th, and 12th...and on and on....
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