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Double Team 1997

Counter-terrorist Jack Quinn misses his target, Stavros, on the eve of his final mission. From there, he is sent to "The Colony", a rebirth for presumed-dead assassins. He breaks free from...

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Imdb rating:4.6



I forgot how much plqain fun this movie is. Van Damme at his peak, and Dennis Rodman. Who could ask for more, even if it is a remake of the TV series, "The Prisoner", essentially.
this film is not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but a number of elements were justifiable to include it to the mismatched buddy movie genre - namely the inclusion of dennis rodman as the zany-arms-dealing-7ft tall-wisecracking-cross-dressing partner for van dammes character - he can provide us all with a sense of hope, whereby if we are down on our luck, with bad guys threatening to do away with our loved ones, we can count on the goodness of others hearts to shine through - no matter that they are death-dealing freakos from antwerp - if the need arises, their inherent goodness can shine through - truly genius piece of filmmaking - despite the poor acting, poor plot, non-gelling buddies, oh yeah the other element that makes this film good is the tigers - remember any film with tigers in - has to be good.
i liked it its not crap its not gd typical action movie
(* 1/2)

Jack Quinn is a retired special agent who looks forward to spending time with his pregnant wife. Jack is called out of retirement to bring down the only criminal he failed to incarcerate during his illustrious career, Stavros. During his mission, Jack is quickly identified by Stavros and almost killed. Jack mysteriously awakes on an island that eerily looks like a resort. Jack is quickly brought to the realization that this resort is a government compound that he will never be permitted to leave. Back in society Jack is reported dead, but while on the island Jack must work for the government reading satellite transmissions. Jack must escape the compound and gain revenge on Stavros.

"How'd you find me?"
"We never lost you."

Tsui Hark, director of Zu: Warriors from the Magic Kingdom, Swordsman, Dragon Inn, Once Upon a Time in China 1, 2, 3, & 5, Chinese Ghost Story 3, Knock Off, Zu Warriors, Seven Swordsman, and the upcoming Triangle, delivers Double Team. Double Team has a suspect storyline. The film reminded me of a lower quality Universal Soldier. The acting was suspect, the action was over the top, and the storyline was predictable.

"Most of the bastards I killed deserved it."

The "fire in hole" sequence, the sniper rifle description, the carnival assassination attempt, the underwater lasers, the island escape, the fight in the hotel room, and Yaz's brothers were amongst the better portions of the film.

"Let's face it; he's fallen out of fashion."

Double Team was a film I was interested in seeing due its villain, Mickey Rourke, and the director, Tsui Hark. The action scenes in this picture seemed forced and pointless. The training scenes in the hotel room seemed ridiculous; however, the acting by Rodman seemed appropriate and was not as bad as I anticipated. This film is bad, and not really worth your time; but, I will say, I have seen worse.

"We're too valuable to kill. We're too dangerous to set free."

Grade: C-

(TSUI HARK, 1997)
How do you make a Van Damme film even better? Add Dennis Rodman. Another film with terrible direction and even worse script and acting. Bottom of barrell action film.
This film is an assault on the senses. It is an instrument of torture. It is painful from the moment the movie starts. The story is absurd, and the acting is terrible even by Jean Claude Van Damme standards. I don't remember what events put me in the theater that day, but I am sure that it was karmic retribution for something really bad I did. I just about lost it in the end when Rodman and Van Damme are running out of exploding bull fighting arena, pass by a row of like 10 coke machines that come out of nowhere, and Rodman picks it up and uses it as a shield. This movie is for nobody. Van Damme's own mother probably spit on him after she saw it. Only see this movie if you enjoy pain.
Unbearably stupid and a high-water mark of Rodman's and Van Damme's lustrous careers. The best part (or saddest, for that matter) is the sincere effort everyone does to make it all look so serious, even when a blade appears between some toes. Thank you for making me laugh.
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