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Doom 2005

Space Marines are sent to investigate strange events at a research facility on Mars but find themselves at the mercy of genetically enhanced killing machines...

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Imdb rating: 5.2

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As far as I am concerned this was the best videogame film adaptation I have seen. Its still average, but if you are a fan you will really like it. You have to understand that its very difficult to take a videogame with little plot and make a good movie. In my opinion they pulled it off well.

If you are a science fiction fan, and you like Doom, you will love this movie. If you are looking for good acting and powerful performances you will be on the down side when sitting through this one. :D
This movie was pretty bad but I was going in with high hopes. If Halo isn't good when it eventually comes out in 2007, I think I'll have given up on video game to movie adaptations.
Doom is a film which has nothing groundbreaking of course with the exception of the first person sequence which was very awesome and a whole lot of fun to watch. What I like about DOOM is that it sets a goal and it accomplishes it which is to entertain the viewer. This is not a film which is filled with suspense, mystery, drama or even much story at all. It is just non-stop action from start to finish and that's exactly what I wanted. I'am a fan of the Doom games, especially the old ones. I liked how they followed the games. Fans of the Rock and fans of the video game Doom should have a blast with this film. Other's will not like it as much unless they are looking for great action. This film also had its share of scares which made the film a bit of a action/horror movie rather than a pure action film.

Overall, Doom has great action sequences and is a very enjoyable film for fans of the game. It lacks story,depth and suspense but the non-stop action makes Doom a very fun and enjoyable ride.

Rating- 6.5/10
There were no cyber-demons. There were no flying heads. There were no spiders. There were no dogs. There were no 50 foot tall final badguys.

There WAS however this ridiculous little "my parents were killed here, poor me" emotional bullshit. The entire purpose of which was to give him a reason to be there and meet his sister and explain the "extra string of DNA which makes you superhuman or a monster based on whether your soul is pure or not." story line.

I want to find whoever made it, and kill them. There were so many things missing. The BFG looked badass, but they never killed anyone with it... They shot 3 walls.... whee... The minigun looked badass... but again they never ripped anything apart with it, other than a monkey in a vent.

The first-person scene was the only really good part of the movie. It was the action that the entire movie should've had. The first hour was hideously stagnant and boring. No ownage. Hell-Knights (well that's what they looked like, but they obviously weren't from hell) would kill and run.


The majority of the movie the monsters were running from them.... Fucking stupid shit.

I guess if I didn't have such high expectations for a DOOM movie then I would enjoy it.

But that's just it.... it IS a DOOM movie. It's NOT something else. IT'S DOOM. It's a game I've loved and played since it first came out, turned into a movie, that had such huge potential, until someone decided for no good reason, to get rid of the "opened up hell" story line.

There is absolutely no reason they should've changed the story line. To make it more friendly to religious people or something? That fact alone ruined the movie. It restricted the bad guys they could've had, in terms of variance, quantity, and aggressiveness. It made them add rediculous attempts at emotions to explain it. It was stupid. Doom is about opening a portal to hell and fighting off demons, not about discovering something that adds a 24th string of DNA and creates superhumans based off of whether you are a good person or not.

Someone needs to die.
Im too tired to comment so let's just put those ratings out there for ya
Doom made many other action movies look good. This movie not only had bad dialougue but people in the audience were laughing at it. The plot is very thin and repetitve and the characters are typical of a movie where monsters are chasing people and they are tryign to kill it. There is so many flaws i won't even bother to name them. Also everytime the light go out something bad happens. The characters change so often so you do not get a feel of thier personality. Are they good or bad? There is on good scene where it looks like a doom video game but the predictable plot and how the scientist it takes so long to figure it out is a joke. This movie is too similar to resident evil. I had some good laughs unfortunalty it was at the movie. pls join my forum it is called Movie Buffs ( i am the leader)
The movie is horribly stuck in the mediocre movies section. The movie had promise but the plot falls apart before the movie even begins. The action doesn't happen enough to perk any action fans interest, there is a whole 20 minute period before anything remotely ressembling exitement happens. The movie was made close to the source I will admit but Doom the game will always be much funner even if it is a little outdated. The movie does have a five minute period of bliss for fans of the game an entire five minutes is dedicated to the first person point of view and that is when it is cool. There is a good guy bad guy fight that is kind of cool, it is really farfecthed though. The Rock does a good job with his character, his character is a leader with questionable actions. I don't recomend this movie though, but the decision to see it is up to you.:rotten:
I don't really understand why so many of you people have had it in for Doom for so long. I saw the movie today in theatre full of people. I've been a Doom fan since around 1992. I was hoping that they would just do the game justice. By all accounts, it was very enjoyable. I wasn't looking for the next Oscar worthy movie. It was a very solid action movie. Good special effects, good fights, and a great first person sequence that was really like playing a real life video game. Not once did I think it was cheesy. It was a solid mix of the best elements of Predator and Aliens in a DOOM setting. Pinky was pretty cool too.
Cheesy as hell but awesome all in the same breath. I love the Rock.
I had an awesome time at the movie theater watching this with my friends. It was well-made and also pretty scary at a lot of parts. I definately recommend this movie unless you are squeamish. Very gory movie.
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