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batman approved :)
awesome movie
pretty good movie.. i liked it
I think this movie really hits the nail on the head about issues some men have when they try to get into a sexual relationship with women in the modern age. I myself had to shy from masturbation for 2 months before I could have sex without thinking about porn.
I really enjoyed this one. Huge fan of JGL and Scarlett. Definitely worth the watch. 8/10
Sends a message to men. It's a pretty good movie.
@Kewkew you ain't never lied.
I read Channing Tatum, Cuba Gooding Jr... in the SolarMovie cast top page. Never seen the film but according to IMDb it's more like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johansson... Am I wrong or am I wrong?...
I like Scarlett and Joseph, but I did not like this movie :\ The ending wasn't so bad though.
Nice movie 8/10
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