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You can never have too much of somebody getting hit in the face with a dodgeball. It's a good thing, too, because that's about the only joke that works in the whole movie. And it does work, all 28 times that they do it.

Stiller has never been so unfunny (I generally admire his humor).
This movie was just ok. The first 15 minutes made me want to walk out of the theater, but then it picked up a little bit. Rip Torn stole the movie, as a crazy old dodgeball pro. He was hilarious and provided most of the laughs in the movie. Ben Stiller's performance was sub-par as he had a few funny lines, but the majority were unfunny and dumb. Vince Vaughn did a good job as Peter. The rest of his "team" were pretty funny characters, all pretty much dysfunctional in some way. Overall, this movie gets a five because some parts are brilliant and hit the mark, and others just miss completely.

Dodgeball knows exactly where its headed, so it pokes fun at it. That is the exact reason why the film ends up to be so humorous and enjoyable. The performances are hilarious and the humor is fresh yet stupefying. Watch Dodgeball to pass the time and escape your problems...temporarily.

Full Review Later (when the helk am I gonna start writing these again?)
*Plot: Out like a fat kid in....
*Saw It With: Jen and Robledo
*Genre: Comedy
---Good cast for a comedy (Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller)
---Random plotline but still made sense
---Didn't watch the previews so it didn't ruin the movie (thanx Robledo)
---Hilarious jokes and sexual innuendos
---The tournament should have been longer. It's fun to watch people get blasted with dodgeballs
If you are interested in a free for all and nonstop slapstick, this movie is for you. Ben Stiller plays an egotistical exercise guru who is easily one of the years slimiest characters. The protagonist is Vince Vaughn who enters a bunch of losers in a Las Vegas Dodgeball Championship to win the prize money to save their gym from Stiller. I have to admit I laughed more than I should have. Justin Bateman rocks as an announcer on ESPN 8-The Ocho. I recommend this movie to see, but I would probably never buy the DVD. Christine Taylor and Stephen Root costar.
Hilarious. BTW, I wish Vince Vaughn was in more movies. Ben Stiller in less. Patches O'Hollihan in more.

Hilarious lines, though Ben Stiller's were just dumb - just not even funny sometimes. Rip Torn is so funny with his character, and there was a GREAT cameo that was so inspirational that I will remember it forever. It was awesome.

If you can dodge traffic, you can dodge a ball. CLASSIC

Not as good as Old School but totally enjoyable.

:p One of the funniest movies I've seen this year, this was my father's day gift to my dad, and we loved it. My brother Jesse, my father, and I went to see this Sunday afternoon and were quoting it the rest of the day. THAT's a memorable film. Stiller's over-the-top antics and Vaughn's abstract touch of reality were a perfect duet in the movie. Vince Vaughn has been a favorite actor of mine since Swingers. I give him an eight because he's naturally funny, without having to try hard like some movie comedians. I would like to see him in a serious role someday to see how he could handle it. :fresh:
Okay... so I don't really know how to rate this one - cause it's just plain old stupid... but gosh, was it funny. It was hilarious, as only Ben Stiller can pull it off. :rolleyes: It's a lovely typical guy's movie: half-naked women, crude sex jokes, etc. I honestly never would have gone to see it if I hadn't already seen everything else that was out. ;) (Yah, it's a rough life :p )

I have to admit - I have never really seen Vince Vaughn before... is he some new thing? Or am I just not looking in the right places? :) 'Cause he was pretty good - and awfully cute. ;) Ben Stiller... well, I have to admit, the only movie I've ever really liked him in was Keeping the Faith - and I think that's because Edward Norton was in it too. :D (Mmm... tasty.)

It's a good movie to take your boyfriend, or any guy friend to... it's funny enough to keep you in your seat, and there's enough to make him happy too. ;) Of course, if he has any "sophistication", he'll skip it... but whatever. It's good mindless fun. :D
Dodgeball was funny....Vince Vaughn is hilarious..people say I remind them of him, is this true?
***1/2 / ***** (NC-17 Version)

I just don't quite understand the point in making a film like this. It brings no new jokes, just lame renditions of "classics", and the acting was....ugh. Take Zoolander set to the theme of dodgeball, and voil
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