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Django 1966

A coffin-dragging gunslinger enters a town caught between two feuding factions, the KKK and a gang of Mexican Bandits. That man is Django, and he is caught up in a struggle against both parties...

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Django is a pretty good spagetti western movie released the same year as The Good The Bad and the Ugly and it's pretty funny to see how similiar Django and Blondie (the good the bad and the ugly) are in a lot of ways.

Sergio Corbucci was obviously influenced by Sergio Leone. And at least 30 films following Django that used the lead character, not only in the stories, but also in the title were obviously influenced by Corbucci. (Evidently copyright infringement wasn't what is it today) The spaghetti western cult favorite Django delivers as expected.

Imagine Dario Argento deciding to make a spaghetti western and you can probably envision what Django is all about. A stylistic, at times colorful, artistic vision of the old west that is about as deep and developed as a ham sandwich. Picture all those old run down ghost towns in the old west that we see on screen. OK, now picture the nasty back alley in this town that no one dares to enter. Here is our setting for Django.

Mix in a dude that drags a coffin behind him, violent scenes that even Tarantino would shy away from, and fill the rest with total western exploitation and Django rises in filthy, yet glorious fashion.

By the way, I liked this film.
Thats one of my Favourite Movies and my Favourite Italowestern its stylish, amazing, funny and shocking at the same Time thats my Personification of Dark Comedy and i also identify me with Django a sarcastic Guy who think first on himself but is not a Bad Guy the Gatling Gun Scenes are one of my Favourite Movie Scenes of all Time its amazing how a Man with one modern Wapon can beat up a whole Army with antiquated Weapons
Nero is the best. My favorite western.
Excellent, but not my pick of the litter out of favorite Westerns.
"Django" starts with Django(Franco Nero), former Union soldier and current scoundrel, dragging a coffin across the country.(Not to give anything away but it should come as no surprise that the coffin contains death.) His deliberate journey is halted when he comes across Maria(Loredana Nusciak) being whipped by a group of Mexican rebels who are dispatched by a gang of American fanatics who wish to do her even more harm for her reported impurity. It is here that he intercedes on her behalf and brings her back to a bordertown that is mostly deserted because of the nearby fighting between the Americans led by the murderous Major Jackson(Eduardo Fajardo) and Mexican rebels led by General Rodriguez(Jose Bodalo). All Nathaniel(Angel Alvarez), the bartender of the saloon, is worried about is when Major Jackson is coming to collect his revenge on Django for killing some of his men.

"Django" is a wild and violent Spaghetti western helped immensely by the charismatic Franco Nero in the lead. For a movie of this genre, it is surprising that it does have something of a social conscience as it examines racism, not only of the Americans(some of whom are seen wearing red hoods. Remind you of anything?) but also of Rodriguez, and how it probably fuels the ongoing conflict. In one scene, Rodriguez puts down Maria by referring to her half-Incan heritage in a derogatory manner. Could this explain why Maria has been shunned, even by those at the low end of the social spectrum?
The movie opens with this super cheesy song about the star of the picture, our one and only Django. From that point on I knew this was going to be a B movie classic. Franco Nero is Django, a man who carries a coffin around with a giant machine gun in it who blasts his foes away. A bunch of weird red hooded cult members show up and start causing problems, and it all ends with Django, hands completely broken, taking them all out with a revolver using the hammer on the back. This guy is so badass and then the cheesy song comes on after he kicks all of their asses. A perfect ending to this B western classic. I honestly didn't even need to follow the story, I just had a blast watching Django kick serious ass and deliver one of the funniest, yet most badass endings I've ever seen in a western...Also the infamous ear slicing scene was great, and so you can obviously tell Quentin loves this movie. ::cue hilarious Django theme song::
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