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film good

Great movie, not necessary to be called a sequel as it in extremely different.
note the title
i thought that the movie was wonderful. the dancing and the music helped move the story along quite a bit.
I thought the movie was pretty good. Diego Luna was very cute. His smile is worth the price of the ticket. He and Romola had great chemistry. The music was awesome!! As was the dancing.

The only problem I had with it was that it was way too short! They could have told a lot more of the story, but it seems like either it wasn't written that way, or they cut a lot.
Heh. So, yeah, this remake of the original Dirty Dancing wasn't nearly as bad as it could've been. Some parts were good, some parts were funny, and some parts that were trying to be tear-jerker-y were so cheesy that it was laugh-out-loud funny. But it could've been much worse. For what it was, it was ok.
That movie was excellent. And the lead male role was so hot!!!!!!!!!! I loved it. screw what those critics with sticks up their asses say that movie was even better than the original.
Like most girls who grew up in the 1980's, I loved "Dirty Dancing." Completely, totally, without shame loved it.

The sequel, or "reimagining," is basically the same story. The magic's not there (or what passed for magic) but it's still entertaining. And God help me, the Patrick Swayze cameo made me laugh. Recommended for those who loved the first one or are in the right demographic for this one.
I liked this movie. Very good acting. Hadn't seen much from the two main actors. I thought the dancing was great. I liked the cinematography. I thought this was an all around good movie. Good date movie. I also like the sound track alot, went out and bought it last night.
Oh man, what a bore. I've always loved Dirty Dancing, that movie is a cult of its own. But Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights gets not even close to it, it's so far from being anything I really want to watch. I didn't even finish watching the movie. Not only did the acting suck ass, but also the dialogues were so bad. It wasn't meant to be a comedy, I guess, but I just had to laugh at the dialogues and the acting. And almost cried, too. Like when all people dance in the club, and it just looks like a bunch of people messing and moving around in weird positions, it's really not exciting at all. But the leading actress appears and stares at the dancing crowd and her eyes almost pop out in excitement, and I just kept wondering - what is so exciting about that kind of dance, it looks crap. And I wondered whether she was probably suffering from hallucinations. I mean, the dance in the old Dirty Dancing movie was really cool, I loved it. But the new movie - I just didn't bother. Then the dialogues...

In the car...

Girl: "I was enjoying the dancing."

Boy: "You... you were very hot." (pretends to giggle)

(Girl starts giggling, too)

How lame is that kind of conversation? Just made me laugh. And I still can't remember any hot dance. Maybe it was just me, but I don't know what any of these people in the movie were on about. Really, a total mess to someone who's always loved the original Dirty Dancing movie. Why did they have to take away all the glory with that kind of sequel? They had so many years to think up something great. But this is what we got. Brarrr. Not even the soundtrack was good - just another total bore. I bought the original soundtrack and still listen to it nowadays. While I hope Havana Nights will be forgotten very soon. Please forget there was a sequel.

EDIT: Oh man, I'm just doing my reviews reading on the movie, like I always do as soon as I wrote my own review, and I just had to laugh again, many people seem to have thought and felt the exact same like I did. :rotten:
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