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Dirty Dancing 1987

Spending the summer in a holiday camp with her family, Frances "Baby" Houseman falls in love with the camp's dance instructor Johnny Castle...

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Okay this movie was from 1987 and I think that anyone that grew up in the 80's and 90's will not only remember this film but feel that its the ultimate love story of the time! I am sure most of us remember lines from that movie and the music that goes with certain scenes in the movie to, haha.

Anyway, its a really good movie maybe because it has a special place in my heart and memory. I don't know how a teenager today would feel about it but I love it to this day. Patrick Swayze was hot, the love story was hot, the dancing was hot... and yet the movie also bares so much innocence and sweetness, a very rare combination I think.

I recommend watching it if you like romance and clasicss...

A good movie, with good oldies and nice dance scenes. The storyline is kinda thin, not very much happens, but I like the Patrick Swayze character: on one hand he's really a cool tough guy, but on the other one, he is vulnerable and has sth like an inferiority complex. However, that's not what matters in this movie. Its entertainment value is more important than the character development. I don't condemn that, on the contrary, it's a really enjoyable movie and that's what it's all about. It's really understandable why it became an instant classic. They even made a remake, "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights", but I'm not looking forward to that, what's the point of it? Only because they changed the location doesn't justify a remake, imo. "Dirty Dancing" is good exactly as it is and they should have left it alone.
Oh, and "Time of My Life" is such a great song!
Oh man, what a bore. I've always loved Dirty Dancing, that movie is a cult of its own. But Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights gets not even close to it, it's so far from being anything I really want to watch. I didn't even finish watching the movie. Not only did the acting suck ass, but also the dialogues were so bad. It wasn't meant to be a comedy, I guess, but I just had to laugh at the dialogues and the acting. And almost cried, too. Like when all people dance in the club, and it just looks like a bunch of people messing and moving around in weird positions, it's really not exciting at all. But the leading actress appears and stares at the dancing crowd and her eyes almost pop out in excitement, and I just kept wondering - what is so exciting about that kind of dance, it looks crap. And I wondered whether she was probably suffering from hallucinations. I mean, the dance in the old Dirty Dancing movie was really cool, I loved it. But the new movie - I just didn't bother. Then the dialogues...

In the car...

Girl: "I was enjoying the dancing."

Boy: "You... you were very hot." (pretends to giggle)

(Girl starts giggling, too)

How lame is that kind of conversation? Just made me laugh. And I still can't remember any hot dance. Maybe it was just me, but I don't know what any of these people in the movie were on about. Really, a total mess to someone who's always loved the original Dirty Dancing movie. Why did they have to take away all the glory with that kind of sequel? They had so many years to think up something great. But this is what we got. Brarrr. Not even the soundtrack was good - just another total bore. I bought the original soundtrack and still listen to it nowadays. While I hope Havana Nights will be forgotten very soon. Please forget there was a sequel.

EDIT: Oh man, I'm just doing my reviews reading on the movie, like I always do as soon as I wrote my own review, and I just had to laugh again, many people seem to have thought and felt the exact same like I did. :rotten:
I love this movie. I can watch it over and over again and never get tired of it!! Patrick Swayze is so Handsome..
It was a good movie, but I think they could of left out a couple of the bed scenes. :)

Damn what a bad movie. "Honey" was way better than this. I disliked everything except the dancing and choroegrophy(hope that's how it's spelled) cause I love HIP HOP. The rest was :down:. Sorry B2K.
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The music of course would get a 10.
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